7 Gifs To Describe Your Typical Week

Well looks like it's time to start the week all over again... Some may be thrilled to get a fresh "new" start. However, others might argue that they just don't feel the same way. Regardless of what you're feeling, these gifs encompass the week just as it is.

1. Sunday

"Wait the week starts on Sunday?" Prime brunch day though.

2. Monday

Monday funday!

3. Tuesday

Club's going up on a Tuesday. Taco Tuesday. It's all happening on Tuesday.

4. Wednesday

Huuummpp daayyy!! Free pie at Village Inn! Wear pink! Drink wine! Oh and it's WednesJAY... RIP the Jay.

5. Thursday

Friday Eve? Thirsty Thursdays? Throwback Thursday? You bet.

6. Friday

If Rebecca Black is a fan, we're all fans.

7. Saturday

A day to recover and rally.

Wow what a week! Let's do it all over again.

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