21 Adorable GIFS Of Corgis For When The Real World Totally Sucks
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21 Adorable GIFS Of Corgis For When The Real World Totally Sucks

We need to protect them at all costs.

21 Adorable GIFS Of Corgis For When The Real World Totally Sucks

Dogs obviously need to be loved and protected at all cost. But I have a special place reserved in my heart for corgis. There's just something about them that gives me the same feeling as when I see my mozzarella sticks show up at a restaurant.

If you love corgis as much as me or you're in a funk, here are some that will brighten your day.

1. Just chillin

No borkin.

2. A beautiful flower boi


4. One very smart boi

Look at how graceful he is while playing with his friend.

5. Stair climbing

My heart just exploded.

6. DOUBLE the cuteness

Look at them trying to get fit.

7. Two corgis at their championship track meet

The one in the back is trying to hold on, but he just can't.

8. A beautiful washed up mermaid


This is the most intense thing I've ever seen.

10. Getting a lot of chores done

Me anytime my Mom asks me to do something around the house


Devil cabbage!

12. When you're on a diet and your friends order pizza

I have willpower, I swear.

13. A world famous composer preparing for his recital

The auditorium is SOLD OUT.

14. Waiting for Winter to be over

Let me know when it's Spring.


Michael Phelps who??

16. Don't mind me I just passed out at how cute this is

Currently unconscious

17. Snow puppers!!

I will protect you in that igloo at all costs.

18. A cute lil cheesey boi

The photoshoot that will single-handedly solve world peace.

19. The 2018 Winter Olympics gold medalist

20. This is just pure art

21. Corgis with things on their nose/head are just really adorable ok?

The prophecy is true.

You probably have a lot of incovenient and annoying things happening in your life right now, so I hope that these give you a little bit of joy and distracted from the adult world. Where people have to pay bills and worry about trivial things like work gossip and NOT about these beautiful pups. That's not a reality I want to live in.

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