Whether you just got out of school, finished your finals, or finally graduated (good luck with that job hunt, by the way), everyone can agree that summer is a time for all of us to put those windows down, crank the jams up, get outside and make some memories. You may be at the beach (most of us would definitely like to be), working to get some extra cash, or even taking more classes this summer. Either way, make the most of it and have fun! Here's some of our favorite gifs to show how much we love summer.

This is one party many of us would love to go to. It could even be an iced tea party, as long as it involves the beach who's complaining?

So maybe you can't get away to the beach... But a pool is just as fun! Get some friends, drinks, floats, and a speaker, head out to the pool and make it a party!

For those of you who have gone and gotten their share of sun, and sunburn, maybe take a break.. in front of a fan.. in an ice bath.. Just don't forget that sunscreen, everyone!

Now that we don't have to have our thermostats set to 80 degrees like in January (bless up), it seems almost impossible to NOT be sweating bullets. Turn a few fans on, open some windows, or maybe just embrace this new inferno - at least everything isn't frozen anymore, right?

Gotta get that paycheck, right? Now that all of our time isn't filled with endless homework and studying, that just means it's filled with more responsibilities: WORK! If only there was a way to buy stuff we need and do things we want without having to actually spend money for it...

It's also a great time of year for your friends to drag you (or you dragging your friends) out to the bar or club! You don't even need to carry a jacket this time, or maybe you didn't even bother with it before and suffered through the cold anyway. Get out there and have fun, don't be threatened by a good time!

Another plus to summer? All the time we have to catch up on some ZZZ's! Yeah you may be working, or possibly still have some classes, but now you can replace all those hours you stayed up to study with some good sleep. You can use it to go clubbing or going out with friends too, it's your summer, that means your rules!

Fireworks, barbecues, parties, and hopefully a boat. All of these make for an amazing 4th of July! Who doesn't love a good excuse to get drunk and watch things explode? Be careful with those roman candles though, and probably let the most sober person light the real fireworks...

Now that it's getting hot outside, we don't need any more reason to get that double scoop cone. "Summer Bod" who?? If we don't have it now, who cares! It's summer, and if we want ice cream we will GET our ice cream!

The best part of summer? Getting time with your friends! You may be moving back home for a bit, getting a new apartment or house, or staying right where you are.

Wherever you end up, make some time with friends to go out, see a movie, get some dinner, or just stay in and hang out! Reconnect with friends you haven't seen or talked to in a while, build friendships with people from work or school that you think would be awesome to hang with or go out with your classic crew!

Whatever you use your summer for, whether it's working, more classes, an internship, or time to relax (you deserve it), just enjoy it. Make plans to go out to the beach with friends, hit up some bars or clubs, or check out places in your town that you've never been to before!

Make memories and have fun doing it, because you won't get this time back. Just don't forget the sunscreen - you may not get that tan back either!