For those of you that don't know, ghosting is when someone texts, Snapchats, or direct messages you (DM), and you do not respond to them (also known as "leaving them on read").

More often than not, when I ghost someone, they get upset and repeatedly message me after being left on read or "ghosted." This pertains to people that I don't know and haven't met or people that I have only talked to a few times.

People say that ghosting is selfish. They say that you should just tell people that you do not want to talk. When doing this, people usually ask why you don't want to talk. Why do I have to explain my emotions to people that I don't feel comfortable explaining them to? Why does everyone deserve a reason as to why I don't feel like communicating?

The reason I ghost people is because I have tried to nicely tell people that I am not interested in talking, and it doesn't work out in my favor. After politely denying the invite for conversation, people have said things like "you're ugly anyway," "you seem like you're full of yourself," "you'd be lucky to talk to me."

All because I didn't want to talk to a stranger or someone that I don't know very well.

If you had a ten-minute walk to work and five people stopped you on the way to talk, it would be extremely distracting. If this happened 5 days a week, you would always be late for work. Eventually, you would have to tell those people that you couldn't talk to them on the way to work.

If those people became angry that you couldn't talk on your way to work and starting calling you names or harassing you because of it, well, that would be mind-blowing. That's an unbelievable thought because it isn't realistic. It shouldn't be the reality of social media, either.

Social media has opened doors for multiple industries and lifestyles. There are a lot of pros to it. It has changed the world. However, there are also cons. People become jealous, they stalk you, and they message you and harass you in order to get you to respond to them.

When I post a selfie, I tend to get multiple messages. This happens to most girls, so I am not only speaking for myself but for the entire female population. Everyone has experienced some kind of opposite gender response entitlement.

It's not always serious enough to refer to it as harassment, but no one is entitled to a conversation with you. If someone doesn't want to talk to you, they don't have to and you have no right to feel upset or mad about it. Leaving someone on read and ghosting them is seen as such a self-centered act, but sometimes it's necessary!

Utilize the block button. Stand your ground. Do not let people affect your happiness or health regardless of the reason, even if it's as simple as feeling bad for ghosting them.