Ghost Stories Of Flagler College

Ghost Stories Of Flagler College

I believe in ghosts. Do you?

There are two kinds of people: those who believe in ghosts and those who don't. Which one you are is none of my business. But, when you go to college in the oldest city in America, you see a thing or two that might change your mind. The following are stories from Flagler students about their encounters with the other side.

As if moving into dorms your freshman year isn't hard enough, why not add a spirit into the mix? That is exactly what happened to Cori Orcasitas her freshman year in the female dorms.

"When I was a freshmen, I lived in the dorms. One night while I was sleeping, my roommate said that she saw someone standing at the foot of my bed all in black. I wore a lot of black clothes so she assumed it was me and tried to get my attention. She said that the figure didn't move, didn't react to her talking, she just kept looking at me. From that moment forward, until I moved out of the dorms, this lady all in black just stood in the corner across from my bed. She never bothered me or made anything happen, but she always stared at me when I was sleeping/falling asleep at night."

The students aren't the only ones that have to handle the ghost around campus. Visitors have been given a nice showcase of what goes on in the old Ponce de Leon Hotel. May Cole recalls a time when her tour guests were so scared that they actually had to stop.

"One time I was giving a Legacy tour in the Flagler room. I was giving a life summary of Henry Flagler. Every time I said his name, the lights would flicker. A guest pointed this out to me, so I said his name one more time. As I said his name, the light above his painting went out. Guests were so scared they actually walked out of the tour."

Nothing is better than a good old-fashioned urban legend. Carlton Clinkscales recalls one famous one that he has heard as a student at Flagler College. He may have even have proof the legend has some truth behind it.

"Rumor has it that one day, a little boy was playing on the balcony in the rotunda, but somehow fell over the railing to his death. People have said they hear random stomping at night and believe it is the little boy's ghost that continues to play in the halls of Ponce. Even I have heard random stomping in Ponce from time to time during the later hours."

While I may not have any personal experience with the ghost roaming around campus, I have known people who have demanded to switch dorm rooms because of creepy occurrences. So, if you plan on living in Ponce, then be aware that you may have an extra roommate you weren't expecting.

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23 Things I Kept to Myself (1/15/18)

In an effort to avoid embarrassment and hurt feelings, a lot of things get left unsaid.

Perhaps this is hypocritical of me to say, but I love it when people are downright blunt with me. People who speak their minds, unfiltered, without being rude. And I think that’s why there are so many times when I, along with many others, are afraid of speaking our minds. We’re afraid of being rude or overstepping boundaries. Maybe some of the time we’re being too cautious, while at other times we say things we probably shouldn’t.

Here are 23 instances where I thought it better to keep my thoughts to myself, while simultaneously wondering what would’ve happened if I had chosen to speak my mind:

1. Your haircut isn’t that cute

2. I hate it when I have to repeat what I said because you were too invested in reading something on your phone to listen to me

3. You shouldn’t be dating her

4. You shouldn’t be dating him

5. I wrote you a letter that I threw away instead of giving to you

6. I didn’t actually remember your birthday, I just happened to look it up on Facebook yesterday because I was worried about missing it

7. I’ve canceled plans with other people in hopes that you would ask to hang out.

8. I wish you would ask how I am sometimes.

9. Sometimes I call you just because I can’t hear your laugh clear enough in my thoughts anymore

10. I bought you a Christmas gift that I can’t seem to get myself to give to you—I’m not sure why

11. You’re better than this

12. We should’ve started dating a long time ago

13. We should be dating now

14. I love you

15. You’re going to regret this

16. I admire you

17. I know when you’re lying and I purposely do not call you out

18. I want to buy you a new wardrobe

19. I’ve spent a lot of hours crying on the floor over you and I resent you for that

20. You’re not worth a single hour I’ve spent crying over you

21. I miss you every day. Every single day

22. I will never forgive you for leaving without saying goodbye

23. Keeping all of this to myself is exhausting

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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