6 Things We All Face When Winter Hits

6 Things We All Face When Winter Hits

So long, sunshine.


Winter has arrived, whether we like it or not. Here are some things we all face when winter hits...

1. Saying Goodbye to T-shirts and Shorts


Your closet goes through that annual change of ignoring the t-shirts and shorts, taking them out of your closet for a while and welcoming the sweaters and pants. The more comfort the better. Anything fuzzy and warm is now accepted.

2. Driving in the Ice


This is a special talent that only a few regions of the United States actually know how to conquer. Anyone south of the Mason Dixon probably doesn't even get enough snow or ice to have to deal with this issue. But when it hits the Midwest, we all are forced to scrape ice off our cars and pray we make it back alive.

3. The Struggle to Stay Warm


You try to find many ways to stay warm such as being wrapped up in blankets, wearing fuzzy socks and sweatpants, drinking hot cocoa, or sitting by the fireplace. Whatever works for you.

4. Dressing in Layers


It doesn't even matter how you look, as long as you're warm. You break out the layers, the scarves, mittens, and fuzzy boots.

5. Gaining Weight


The cold weather gives you little motivation to go to the gym. Therefore, every meal is staying glued to you. Although maybe you want the extra weight to stay warm, it happens to us all.

6. The Horrid Weather


When you walk outside you get pelted by the snow, sleet, or whatever cold air is coming through that day. Your face becomes numb and red from the wind.

Stay warm, my friends!

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10 Things To Do With Friends During The Winter Season

Don't want to be stuck indoors all winter long? Here are 10 fun activities to do during this winter season.

Tired of staying inside and not knowing what to do with friends during the winter? Well, do not fear! The winter months are perfect to spend time with family and friends while embracing the cold and snowy weather. Even though the winter weather might be freezing, there is still so much to do. Here are 10 activities to try out with friends or family during this winter season.

1. Hot chocolate party, anyone?

This is the perfect time of the year to bring friends together for a hot chocolate party and a movie. Set out some marshmallows, whipped cream, and other delicious toppings and enjoy your sweet treat with your favorite holiday movie.

2. Take a trip to a ski lodge.

Nothing says winter like sledding! Plan a weekend getaway to a ski lodge with friends or family. Here, you can ski, snowboard or even go tubing.

3. Find some Christmas lights.

If you want to see some really beautiful Christmas lights, take a day trip to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania or just take a trip around a decorated neighborhood instead. The lights here are absolutely breathtaking and a perfect way to celebrate the holiday season.

4. Ice skating

Whether it is on a frozen pond, lake, or at an indoor ice skating rink, skating is a fun activity to do with friends during these cold months.

5. Bake cookies

Baking is great. You can bake cookies or even any tasty treat for that matter! Set aside a day where everyone can bring over their favorite family recipes and share some delicious desserts.

6. Sit around a fire

The best way to bundle up and stay warm during the winter months is warming up by the fire. If you have a fireplace indoors, now is the perfect time to start it up. If you are feeling outdoorsy, put together a bonfire for all of your friends and family.

7. Visit the city

New York City is always an amazing place to visit, but in the winter, it seems to be even more spectacular. Spending a day in the city is the perfect winter getaway.

8. Who does not love a spa day?

Relax and treat yourself to a day at the spa or set up your own little in-home-spa.

9. You are never too old to build a fort

Grab some sheets and lights and build a cute fort indoors. Top it off with some blankets and a movie!

10. Play board games

Try playing a few of the classics like Clue or Monopoly. Some of my favorites are Life and Sorry.

These are just a few ways to spend time with friends and family! Instead of hibernating indoors all winter long, get creative and discover more new ways to embrace the winter season.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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I Absolutely Hate Saying Goodbye To Cold Weather

Will a few more months of winter really be that bad?


On Sunny days I dream of cold and on cold days I dream of cooler. It's funny because I'm not like your typical southern gal. Born and raised In Columbia, SC, but I feel like deep down I have always been a northerner at heart. I just love cold weather.

Fall is my favorite season of course. I mean, honestly, what can you not love about fall! There are the leave changes, crisp cool weather and the ever anticipated fall fashion haul. I get excited just thinking about it. Now, most of my family is from up north, was born in the north or practically believes the north to be their second home. And then there's me. The girl who absolutely adores cool weather but has yet to travel up North. Weird right?

As I say my final goodbyes to the last weeks hopefully of winter. I think to the memories where my children with effervescent spirits may one day be able to experience a white Christmas, slope the great white slopes, sit and drink mocha by the crackling sounds of holiday fires and warm fuzzy sweaters.

As I speak with my northern counterparts they would disagree. In most cases, they would advise me that wanting to move up North would be one of the worst things ever! They remind me of the constant snow plowing that they have to sort through, the rundown metro stations and the lack of consideration towards all of these things. A constant reminder that unlike down south where we experience one pinch of snow, we go through what seems like a full government shutdown.

This I may miss, but weighing out all of my options and exhausting all needs.. I will still not want to say goodbye to cold weather.

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