For some students, Christmas break doesn't always get to be spent with loved ones. Flying or driving home during the holidays gets extremely pricey. Here are a few tips to keep your spirit merry and bright when being away from home during the Holidays.

Being stuck in a dorm room or apartment over break doesn't have to be a bad thing. Take some well-deserved time to treat yourself. Grab some popcorn and login to your Netflix or Hulu account to find all the holiday movies one could ask for. Still wishing you were home by the fireplace with friends and family? Find a ride to your local bookstore or library and dive into a good book that can help you find that warm and fuzzy feeling. If reading isn't your favorite hobby, head to the nearest Target and grab a few face masks and bath bombs for a spa night at home (this applies to you too, boys).

If being alone bothers you this is the perfect opportunity to go out and make new friends! If you live in the dorms or an apartment complex, head across the hall or down to another floor and see who else is staying over break. Plan a time to hang out in the lobby or meet up for coffee. If you have a gym nearby, go workout and introduce yourself to a few people. Go play a game of racketball or try a group fitness class.

Don't forget, that just because you might not be with your family, you can still celebrate Christmas or Friendsmas over FaceTime with them. If decorating the tree with your siblings or cooking with your mom was a ritual of yours, FaceTime them as they do these activities and you can still make those memories that mean the most. Try decorating a small tree of your own or cook your favorite dishes as your family does the same back at home. There's no need to feel left out, plan ahead and schedule a time where you can see everyone and be apart of the celebrating.

No matter how you spend your holidays, be sure to keep them happy. Remember to make the most of your time and have fun treating yourself, meeting new people, and checking in with loved ones. Not being at home over winter break doesn't mean it'll be a 'blue Christmas' this year.