How To Beat Anxiety

8 Tips To Deal With Anxiety Told From An Excessively Anxious Person

Worrying about countless things has left me experienced on how to cope with my anxiety.


As a rising high school senior, I guess it's fair to say that I have had my share of anxiety. And I know I'm not the only one - plenty of high school students and young adults cope in various ways, but here are a couple that have worked for me.

1. Screaming Into A Pillow

This one may seem cliché, but it has honestly been very helpful. Giving yourself some time to vent out your frustrations provides a quick outlet for all of that pent up frustration.

2. Positive Role Model

I usually pick a very positive or successful person in your life that I look up to. Whenever I am feeling anxious or worried, I remind myself of what they would do if they were in my shoes and prompt myself to do just that.

3. Drink Tea

I have found tea to calm me down whenever I have felt nervous. I usually drink chai tea, but any type of tea should work. Just make sure you will enjoy drinking it, so it will actually help you relax for a couple of minutes.

4. Household Chores

Keeping busy keeps my mind off of the stressor, so I usually do household chores such as cleaning my room or washing the dishes to momentarily forget about something specific.

5. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

I feel as though cold water helps jarr me back to reality, so I splash some onto my face whenever I feel myself become preoccupied about something. If needed, I wash my face many times during the day.

6. Long, Hot Showers

Hot showers are where I feel the most comfortable, so I will often take a very long shower to use as time for contemplation. When I choose to step out of the shower, I usually have a plan of action already drawn up.

7. Read A Book

Reading is another way I am able to take my mind off of whatever I am anxious about. I take great care to set a timer just in case I need some time after to finish up some work.

8. Go Jogging

Jogging and running both release natural oxytocin inside the body, and I feel like this is why I feel better after some cardio workouts.

9. Call A Friend

This is a perfect time to add your bestie into the mix. Call him/her up and vent your feelings; often communication is the best way to get to the root of your problem.

10. Sweet Treats

Treat yourself! The best way to combat anxiety and insecurity is offer your body something that will make you feel good, and ice cream and cakes can certainly help.

11. Stress Ball

I have personally used a stress ball during junior year of high school, and let me just say, squeezing the life out of that ball has brought me much needed comfort.

12. Draw Up A Schedule

Sometimes, the best way to find clarity is to set up time blocks for everything you need to accomplish well within any deadlines.

13. Happy Place

Take a second to close your eyes, focus on your breathing and imagine yourself in a place or time that makes you happy. This way, you can lower your racing heart beat and find a moment of peace.

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Deadlines Are Not Important

The Deadlines Of Life Do Not Mean As Much As You Think


Deadlines are not important; the deadlines for work, school, and things related to that, those are important. Life's deadlines are not important. Society tells us that we must be married, have the perfect job, and have children by a certain age. A lot of the times we end up believing that if we do not do certain things by a certain time, we have failed or we are not doing as good as everyone else. The truth is, society's and life's deadlines are crap. There is no specific time to be married by, no specific time to have your perfect job by, and no specific time to have children by. These things should not be accomplished until you are ready and capable to accomplish them; this means that if you are not 50 until you have your perfect job, you are not 30 until you are married and you are not 40 until you have children, that is okay. There is nothing wrong with waiting, experiencing life, growing in who you are, and doing what you need to do first. A lot of people do not have their perfect job until later in life because if we are all honest here, that is one of the hardest things to figure out and hardest decisions to make. People stress so much because they have not met these certain deadlines of life that they have been told their entire lives they need to meet by a certain time. So often, the important things like a job, a marriage, and children are rushed and people end up miserable. There is no sense in rushing if you are not ready for it yet. When it comes to finding the perfect job for you, look around, find your interests, and figure out what you can spend years of your life doing; take your time and be patient. When it comes to marriage and having children, do not rush it, it is one of the worst things to rush; do it in the time frame you want to and make sure it is what you want. Take a deep breathe and stop freaking out; you have plenty of time. Instead of going by society's and life's deadlines, go by your own and base that off of your capabilities and your wants.


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10 Relatable Struggles That People With Glasses Will Definitely Understand

I constantly feel the need to take off my glasses because it's a struggle just having them on.


Have you had someone take your glasses off your head without permission and you wonder why they didn't ask first? Or have you ever broke them and had to face the consequences of not being able to see (okay, maybe this one is just me).

There are times where I love my glasses because I'm thankful that it helps my vision, but like most things, glasses definitely have its disadvantages.

1. I cant find my glasses without my glasses.

You don't have to wear glasses to understand that when/if we lose our glasses, we have to bend down and squint everywhere to find them. Coming from a fairly irresponsible person, I have lost my glasses more times than I can count, and I normally need all the help I can get to find them.

2. You can't drink something hot without not being able to see anything.

I remember I was at a restaurant a year ago, and I had to put my glasses on to see the menu because it was on a big screen. And when I sat down to drink my hot chocolate, my glasses fogged up, and I, for some reason, didn't notice. So I ended up tripping over the table when I stood up to leave. I don't think that this is necessarily a "struggle", but it's just plain violent.

3. They are SO uncomfortable!

Man Arranging His Black Necktie · Free Stock Photo

I have a very low tolerance for pain, so keeping my glasses on for a long period of time hurts the bridge of my nose, which then causes me to take them off. If I take them off, I know I will have to put them back on at some point, so I just leave them on and bear the "pain". It's a complicated process that I make myself endure everyday.

4. The rain wont stop, even if you take your glasses off.

Normally, I won't put glasses on in the rain because I know what will happen if I do, but I can't control when the weather decides to change. So sometimes I can walk outside with perfectly clear skies, and if it suddenly starts raining, I need to either put them away or constantly clean them. They are both equally bad.

5. Try watching a 3D movie with glasses.

Silhouette of Man in Front of Tv · Free Stock Photo

I think this is the worst scenario so far because not only do I look and feel ridiculous with six eyes, but one of them always has to slip off, making me focus more on my glasses than the movie. You can probably assume that I can't enjoy 3D movies often.

6. Wearing something that makes cleaning your glasses harder.

Winter can get really cold every now and then, so I have to make sure I wear the right clothing. If I wear wool, my glasses will get smudged when I clean them, thus making them more dirty, which is opposite from what I am actually trying to do.

7. Longing for contacts

Photo of Person Covered With Brown Textile · Free Stock Photo

Have you tried complaining to you friend about how annoying having glasses is and they just say "well why don't you just get contacts?" and you know that you can't just "get" contacts whenever you want so instead you just long for them? I long for contacts even if I know that they may have disadvantages too because a day in the life of wearing glasses can be unbearable at times.

8. Resting in bed is a big NO.

White and Brown Dachshund With Black Framed Eyeglasses · Free Stock Photo

If I have a free day and just feel like lying down in bed to watch a movie on my laptop, my glasses get squished together, and I have to constantly worry about breaking them (which I have definitely done before). Sometimes people just tell me to lay on my back and turn my head to watch the movie, but everyone with glasses will know that that's not how it works.

9. Constantly complaining about glasses to your friends who don’t wear glasses

Man Wearing Suit Jacket Sitting on Chair in Front of Woman Wearing Eyeglasses · Free Stock Photo

"Just get contacts" is a saying a lot of my friends have always said when I complain about my glasses. Firstly, contacts can't just magically appear in my hands when I want them to, and secondly, I'm sure contacts have their disadvantages, too. I can't explain to them that they don't understand because they don't go through all the struggles since they have great vision. And to really understand, I would recommend actually wearing glasses.

10. You find the need to take them off whenever you can, and it turns into a hassle.

Photo of Man Holding Eyglasses · Free Stock Photo

I am not one to wear my glasses 24/7, just when I really find the need to. I don't like how I look in glasses. They give me a headache very often and get painful at times, but at the end of the day, I'm thankful that I can see with them, even if that means going through a series of hassles every day.

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