8 Tips To Deal With Anxiety Told From An Excessively Anxious Person

8 Tips To Deal With Anxiety Told From An Excessively Anxious Person

Worrying about countless things has left me experienced on how to cope with my anxiety.


As a rising high school senior, I guess it's fair to say that I have had my share of anxiety. And I know I'm not the only one - plenty of high school students and young adults cope in various ways, but here are a couple that have worked for me.

1. Screaming Into A Pillow

This one may seem cliché, but it has honestly been very helpful. Giving yourself some time to vent out your frustrations provides a quick outlet for all of that pent up frustration.

2. Positive Role Model

I usually pick a very positive or successful person in your life that I look up to. Whenever I am feeling anxious or worried, I remind myself of what they would do if they were in my shoes and prompt myself to do just that.

3. Drink Tea

I have found tea to calm me down whenever I have felt nervous. I usually drink chai tea, but any type of tea should work. Just make sure you will enjoy drinking it, so it will actually help you relax for a couple of minutes.

4. Household Chores

Keeping busy keeps my mind off of the stressor, so I usually do household chores such as cleaning my room or washing the dishes to momentarily forget about something specific.

5. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

I feel as though cold water helps jarr me back to reality, so I splash some onto my face whenever I feel myself become preoccupied about something. If needed, I wash my face many times during the day.

6. Long, Hot Showers

Hot showers are where I feel the most comfortable, so I will often take a very long shower to use as time for contemplation. When I choose to step out of the shower, I usually have a plan of action already drawn up.

7. Read A Book

Reading is another way I am able to take my mind off of whatever I am anxious about. I take great care to set a timer just in case I need some time after to finish up some work.

8. Go Jogging

Jogging and running both release natural oxytocin inside the body, and I feel like this is why I feel better after some cardio workouts.

9. Call A Friend

This is a perfect time to add your bestie into the mix. Call him/her up and vent your feelings; often communication is the best way to get to the root of your problem.

10. Sweet Treats

Treat yourself! The best way to combat anxiety and insecurity is offer your body something that will make you feel good, and ice cream and cakes can certainly help.

11. Stress Ball

I have personally used a stress ball during junior year of high school, and let me just say, squeezing the life out of that ball has brought me much needed comfort.

12. Draw Up A Schedule

Sometimes, the best way to find clarity is to set up time blocks for everything you need to accomplish well within any deadlines.

13. Happy Place

Take a second to close your eyes, focus on your breathing and imagine yourself in a place or time that makes you happy. This way, you can lower your racing heart beat and find a moment of peace.

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7 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Moving Into My First Apartment

I've learned quite a few valuable lessons in my first year on my own.


Last Thanksgiving, I moved out of my childhood home and into my very first apartment. In the just over a year of "adulting," I've learned that I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Here are a few things I wish someone had told me beforehand...

1. Bill collectors don't mess around!

If you're as much as a few hours late on paying a bill, expect a letter dropped in the mail and/or an e-mail in your inbox notifying you about it. Stay ahead by keeping a calendar, and write in each bill's due date. Then, place the calendar where you will see it every day — either hang it on your fridge or leave it on your kitchen counter if it's a notebook calendar like the one I have.

If you are looking at the calendar several times a day — even if you are not sitting there and studying it — it becomes less likely that you will miss due dates.

2. The first of each month creeps up QUICKLY

Sometimes it will feel like you JUST paid your rent when it is already due again. Be prepared by having at least a few months' worth of rent saved up.

This way, you will never be late on rent, even if the first of the month catches you off guard (again).

3. It requires constant effort to keep everything in the house stocked

It isn't easy keeping track of everything from toilet paper and toothpaste to trash bags and laundry detergent. And their prices add up quickly! The best way I've found so far to try and not run out of everything I need is by keeping a grocery list and pen on my kitchen counter, right next to my trusty calendar.

When I notice I'm running low on something, such as dishwasher pods, I simply write it on the list. Then, when the list gets long enough, I bring it with me to Wal-Mart and try and get everything I need in one trip.

4. Cleaning is no walk in the park either. 

I am hereby acknowledging my privilege and saying I totally took for granted when my mom, and then the maintenance crew in my college dorm, cleaned my bathroom for me. In order for things not to get out of hand, I keep a handwritten list of everything in my apartment that needs cleaning. And when I clean one thing, I check it off.

Once every item on the list has a checkmark, I re-write a new list for next time. This way, I don't get overwhelmed by trying to clean every single thing in my house all in one day. Instead, I do it little by little when I have the time.

Sure, I'll have a cleaning day now and again, but more often than not I perform one cleaning task a day to keep up with it without tiring myself out after work.

5. You most likely won't get your security deposit back in full

When I first paid my security deposit, I thought to myself, "for sure I will get that back in full whenever I move out." But, I learned that life happens. I've dropped heavy objects and scratched up the wall. I've accidentally burned a spot onto my kitchen table with a burning hot bowl.

I've spilled things onto the carpet that I was unable to get out, even with carpet cleaner. I've also broken things by accident, such as my refrigerator door handle, and the pulley attached to my ceiling fan. I've come to terms with the fact that I won't be getting my security deposit back in full, and that's OK.

That is what it's there for, after all.

6. Coasters are not a want, but a need

When I was growing up, I thought people who insisted you use coasters when you visited their house were annoying. But now I understand. I harass my friends when they come over to always use a coaster. It prevents rings from appearing on the tabletops, which falls under the category of that security deposit we were chatting about earlier.

I recommend buying a pretty set of coasters from a shop like Marshalls. That way, the coasters are nice-looking, and they all match.

7. Housekeeping is a big responsibility

You can't just pick up and LEAVE if you want like you could with your parents. If you want to go on vacation, you still have to pay your bills. You also need to find someone to come care for your pets, bring in your mail, etc.

You are also responsible for turning off your heating/air conditioning when you leave and locking up your doors and windows. You may also be required to have renter's insurance, in the event any damage or break-in happens to your home.

Although housekeeping is a bigger responsibility than I anticipated, I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. I love having my own apartment, despite the expenses and stresses associated with it. It's the best decision I ever made, and not nearly as frightening as I worked myself up to be.

It is a wonderful journey I know you will do just fine on.

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Poetry: A Girl In Makkah

Trying to recognize what made her special...


She walked aboard with tears in her eyes

To the answer of her Duaas, an honorable prize

Fastened to a chair, exhaling nervous air

Flying through the skies

Trying to recognize what made her special

Her heart fluttered high above the plane's level

Her heart shuddered and her words stuttered

Praises to the lord most high were what she uttered

Her heart froze and her tears flowed

As she approached the place she turned to every day

She walked in the footsteps of the righteous and hoped to meet them one day


She looked up.

Time seemed to hold up

Her mind started to speed up

Her hands began to shake

Her heart began to quake

and her soul began to ache

She let out a heavy yearning awe inspired sigh

Even though everything inside of her was going haywire

But she made Duaa

and it felt like peace and mercy were gushing out the seems of her heart

May Allah bring all of us to his home.

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