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Get ready to feel nostalgic

Get ready to feel nostalgic
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We all know that it is impossible for Taylor Swift to write a terrible song. I decided to put a list of 13 (haha get it?) of her best songs from all of her albums. I tried to stray away from her top hits and focus on her underdog songs. Hopefully this list will make your very nostalgic on your high school and middle school days because it did for me.

1. All You Had To Do Was Stay – 1989

Most underrated song off this album. Not only is this song definitely about Harry Styles, but also any girl and guy can relate to this song on a personal level. The lyrics are simple but perfect and that strange high note when she sings “stay” is musically genius.

2. Last Kiss – Speak Now

This is what every girl listened to in high school when they went on a break up, I’m guilty for it. Classic Taylor Swift dissing a boy song and I love every second of it. Yes it is slow but you get lost in the melody of the song and her soft voice. You need to listen to a slow song every once in awhile. Thank you Joe Jonas for breaking up with Taylor Swift and we got this song out of it.

3. Picture To Burn – Taylor Swift

After you listen to your slow break up songs, you need to switch it to a more upbeat song and that is when you start listening to Picture to Burn. This was the biggest F you song to your ex that Taylor has written. Who knew Taylor would get to mad over not getting to drive his pick up truck. Oh well, she create one hell of a song out of it.

4. Should’ve Said No – Taylor Swift

This might have been her best song she performed live because of the rain. No one was expecting the rain but she crushed it. This song is another badass song towards your ex. Literally get goose bumps every time I listen to it because it is that good. It makes me want to text everyone of my ex’s and tell them off.

5. Sparks Fly – Speak Now

Ah yes, the red lipstick and glitter dresses with cowboy boots era. This song just has a great beat and amazing lyrics. This song instantly puts you in a good mood. This is one of those songs where you listen to it in your car with all the windows down and blasting it with your friends.

6. Tell Me Why – Fearless

I don’t know but there is just something about this song that made me put it on this list. Maybe because it is one of the top songs off this album and did not get that much attention like it should. I just don’t know what else to say but listen to it now and it will bring you back to freshman year of high school.

7. You Belong With Me – Fearless

I KNOW I SAID I WAS ONLY DOING UNDERDOG SONGS BUT I HAD TOO. This is such a classic that it would have been a crime if I didn’t put this on the list. Every single girl listened to this song when she had a crush on a guy. Bonus points if you were in the band and you had a crush on the football player but he was dating the cheerleader. Also, if you did not have the music video on your IPod then you were not a true fan. Please go listen to this now and relive your awkward high school years.

8. I’m Only Me When I’m With You – Taylor Swift

What a great song about family and friends. I don’t think this song got half the attention it should have. The music video is HOMEMADE and it is freaking adorable and you see never before videos of Taylor and her friends and family. It is every fangirl’s dream.

9. The Last Time Ft. Gary Lightbody – Red

The harmonies between these two are fantastic. They were meant to sing a duet together and I hope they do more in the future because I love their voices together. This songs give two sides of the story of a break up and that is what makes it more beautiful.

10. All the bonus songs off the Fearless Platinum Edition

So this includes Come In With The Rain, Forever & Always (Piano Version), Jump Then Fall, Superstar, The Other Side Of The Door, and Untouchable. Obviously I had to include all of these songs because it is impossible to just choose a couple to feature. I am still waiting for a music video for all of these and I need her to do a concert where she only sings these songs. The ball is in your court Taylor.

11. I Know Places – 1989

First off, the beginning with the pressing of a tape recording is GENIUS. The fact that she refers to herself as foxes made me think of the picture of her and Harry Styles out in New York. Anyone else notice that she had a fox on her shirt! I don’t know, maybe I am reading into things but just think about that. Regardless if this is about Harry Styles or not, it is great song.

12. Invisible – Taylor Swift

If this was not playing on your MySpace for your crush to hear then how did you drop the hint to him? This song was the song you listened to on repeat hoping that your crush would text you on your enV 3 phone.

13. I Almost Do – Red

Again, this is another song that I just feel needs to be on this list. I feel when you listen to this song you just stare off into space, nodding your head, and just reminiscing in your past relationships. Girls, if you have that urge to text your exes, just listen to this song and it will change your mind.

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