One of the hardest things to do in this constantly moving world is to actually live in the moment. It is sad to see how much of our time is spent worrying about the future that we very rarely tend to take a minute and just stop what we are doing and just live.

The internet and social media are to blame for this. Social media and the power of the internet play a huge role in our lives and how we choose to live. Our world is one where social media and the internet are basically influencing every aspect our lives, and we tend to get caught up in all the trash that comes along with it.

Now a days the average millennial is updated practically every second on everything and anything at the click of a button. Obviously, the internet isn't 100% responsible for this but it obviously makes some impact due to the fact that internet addiction is a real thing, I swear it actually is. And if you don't believe me Google it.

There have been studies that have actually proven how the Internet is impairing our ability to think deeply and to focus on one subject for extended periods of time. Clearly, that is an issue. As a general population we are usually glued to our phones and I guarantee nobody really knows how it is actually affecting our short-term memory or our ability to hold attention to things.

Us millennial's are obviously guilty of choosing not to live in the moment simply because it almost feels impossible due to the control social media has on us, but I promise you it's easier than you think. The simplest things go into living a positive life filled with living in the moment, and it all starts by shedding that "Snapchat story FOMO" and "Instagram likes anxiety."

I was guilty of both of these things but once you learn how irrelevant both of these things are you will end up being so much more content. Now, I'm not going to lie it is really hard at first to basically ignore your phone, like really hard. I started by just giving it a try for one day for 1 hour and it's sad how difficult this was for me and I actually felt some sort of accomplishment after doing it.

We need to take the time to appreciate all the little things in life. That is the best advice I can give anyone who wants to try to live in the moment. Life is all about right now, because in reality you only have one life so go live it. Next time you're out and are feeling tempted to capture every moment through the lens of your phone remember you have two eyes to see the world for yourself and that's all you need.