7 Ways To Combat Writer's Block

7 Ways To Combat Writer's Block

I for one am experiencing it like no other at this exact moment.

I don’t mean to overgeneralize, but I argue every single one of us has experienced writer’s block in one way or another. Whether it’s the classic “what do I write this essay on” or the less obvious “how do I compose this text,” writer’s block is an inevitable part of life.

I, for one, am experiencing it like no other at this exact moment.

When you’re straining your brain to magically forge an ingenious idea to write about, you basically make it nearly impossible for yourself to come up with anything.

I’ve found the easiest thing to do is to take a step back and give your mind a rest. Nothing forced will be exceptional, so don’t force yourself to write something you aren’t feeling.

Here are seven things I do when I’m confronted with the oh-so vile writer’s block.

1. Listen to your favorite playlist/album

I’ve learned that music is a great form of therapy. Listening to your favorite songs has been proven to release a wave of dopamine, which relieves stress. Writer’s block, at least for me, always comes with a good amount of stress. Alleviating some of this stress is essential to allow your creativity to flow.

2. Take a nap

I can’t speak for everyone...but who doesn’t feel better after a solid nap? Giving your brain that respite from overthinking and allowing your subconscious to rule is like allowing yourself a clean slate when your wake up.

3. Workout

Similar to listening to music, working out has been proven to relieve stress as it gives you a rush of endorphins. It also takes your brain away from thinking about the problem at hand — i.e. writer’s block — and allows your mind to wander elsewhere.

4. Stream of consciousness

I’m pretty sure every high school English teacher has made their students participate in the stream of consciousness writing at one point or another. If you don’t know, it’s really simple—pull out a sheet of paper and literally just write. It doesn’t matter what comes to mind.

5. Read

A book! Something! Anything! I recognize reading a good-ole-fashion book has become outdated (although I do highly recommend, there’s no feeling like finishing the last page of a hella good book). Regardless of if you’re an avid reader or not, reading something someone else has written — a magazine, a blog post, etc. — is a surefire way to spark some creativity.

6. Ask friends for suggestions

Some of my best pieces, in my opinion, have been inspired by brief conversations with my best friends. When you’re not the one in need of a topic it’s easier to come up with one. Use your friends to your best advantage.

7. Do something you love

In other words, do one of your hobbies. If you’re a painter, paint, a runner, run, a knitter, knit. For me, I play guitar. Doing something you love is a stress reliever, so you won’t feel as pressured to come up with an idea as you did before.

Different things work for different people, but we all experience writer’s block at one point or another. Ultimately, you have to find what works best for you. Moral of the story: don’t stress.

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13 Taylor Swift Lyrics About Love

“We could get married. Have 10 kids and teach em how to dream."


Taylor Swift is the only reason I've gotten through every love, and every break-up. Here's a list of 13 lyrics/quotes about love from Taylor Swift's albums.

“Losing him was blue like I’ve never known. Missing him was dark grey all alone. Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met. Loving him was red.”

"Red" from the album "Red." This song perfectly describes every feeling that radiates through your entire being when you love and then lose someone.

“I wish we could go back, and remember what we were fighting for. I wish you knew that, I miss you too much to be mad anymore. I wish you were right here, right now, it’s all good. I wish you would.”

"I Wish You Would" from 1989. Sometimes I wish it was acceptable to just blast Taylor Swift during an argument because I totally would.

“You learn my secrets and you figure out why I’m guarded. You say we’ll never make my parents mistake.”

"Mine" from Speak Now. Let's surpass everyone's expectations.

“My baby’s fly like a jet stream, high above the whole scene, loves me like I’m brand new.” 

"Call It What You Want To" from the Reputation album. Once in a lifetime, there's someone who looks at your scars and calls you strong and brave, instead of damaged.

“My mother accused me of losing my mind, but I swore I was fine.” 

"Dear John" from Speak now. Love makes you do crazy things.

“One night he wakes, strange look on his face. Pauses then says ‘you’re my best friend’. And you knew what it was. He is in love.” 

"You Are In Love" from the 1989 album. Swift gives me chills with this song. Every time you think you're in love, you realize that the last time wasn't even close. True love, happens once or twice, and not for everyone.

“You pull my chair out, and help me in. And you don’t know how nice that is, but I do. And you throw your head back laughing like a little kid. I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny cause, he never did. I’ve been spending the last eight months, thinking all love ever does is break, and burn, and end. But on a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again.”

"Begin Again" from the Red album. One of my top five favorite songs. Real love shows you how you should've been treated all along.

“Why would you wanna make the very first scar? Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?”

"A Perfectly Good Heart" from the first Taylor Swift album. Some people are only here to take. Never to give or share.

“The rain came pouring down, when I was drowning that’s when I cold finally breathe. And by morning, gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean.”

'Clean' from 1989. It can take years, even lifetimes, to finally feel free from love.

“There I was again tonight, forcing laughter, faking smiles, same old tired lonely place. Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy, vanished when I saw your face. All I can say is it was, enchanting to meet you.”

'Enchanted' from Speak Now album. Love at first sight?

“Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone, I’ll be waiting all that’s left to do is run. You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess, it’s a love story, baby just say yes.”

'Love Story' from Fearless album. This song makes me want to take a chance and escape with a stranger.

“I once was poison ivy, but now I’m your daisy.”

"Don't Blame Me" from Reputation. I'm only better when I'm with you.

“We could get married. Have 10 kids and teach em how to dream.”

"Starlight" from the Red album. Only certain people are worth growing with.

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