Ok, ok. I may not have full credentials to actually give you this type of advice but hey I think I have enough street knowledge to lay down a thing or two. I've dated here and there and was definitely hung up on exes before. Based on my experience, if you're currently going to a shitty time right now, I can guarantee you that IT WILL PASS. Here are a few tips to keep yourself occupied and not fall back into bad habits (like drunk texting your ex).

1. Block/ delete stuff off social media 


Do yourself a fucking favor and unfollow your ex on social media. If you're a stalker( like me) maybe block them for a short amount of time so you break the habit. You're already hurting, stop giving yourself a reason to wallow in self-pity.

2. Rather than think about the good times, try to think about only the bad ones. 


Reminiscence about the good times when enough time has passed. I always think about the crappy things he used to say to me and on top of that how unhappy I was during the relationship.

3. Stay busy 

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I worked 50 hours a week at one point and went out every weekend with my friends. Some might say that avoiding your issues is bad, but I wasn't avoiding them. I just didn't want to spend my days in absolute sorrow so I forced my self to do things.

4. Surround yourself with people you love


Hang out with your friends as much as you can! I had the best time with my friends during my break up. 1. Because they're biased and will always be by my side and 2. They'll do the most to make sure you're having fun during these dark times.

5. Allow yourself to feel the pain 


I believe that if you're going to move forward in anything you have to understand the situation completely; how it ended, why it ended and what you've learned from it. All these things take time to understand and it's ok if you feel like crap for a few days. It's normal and it will pass. Take some time to really think through everything and allow yourself to fully understand the situation from every angle.

Then again all these things are easier said than done. I give people advice all the time but would never actually take it myself until very recently. I personally don't like feeling miserable so I will do everything in my power to improve the state I'm in. If you're having a rough time right now, just remember you're not alone in this! However, self-improvement starts from you and no one else. It's your choice to make that first step and if you're trying, keep going! It's almost the new year so shake off the bad juju before 2019!