So, it's summer. You want to chill by the pool, hang out with your friends, work and make a little money, and in general, just forget that school even exists. However, you want to be prepared for next semester and go into the school year feeling ready to tackle your classes. What are some things you can do over the summer to ensure that you're ready?

First of all, get organized! Buy a planner and color code your schedule. Pick one color for each class and write down everything you need to do for that class. Also, write down your exam schedule when you get your syllabus, that way you'll never be caught off guard. If you're a more digital person, sync your Google calendar and have it send you reminders. You can also create a sticky note on your computer and have a constant list of reminders running there as well.

Next step: set goals for yourself that you want to accomplish. Personally, I have this written on a Trello board, and I cross off things as I finish them. It's both helpful and a good way to visualize and prioritize what needs to be accomplished. You can also do what I do and have long-term and short-term goals and a running to-do list, that way you can more efficiently plan your schedule.

Also, the more reading you can do about the subjects you're going to be taking, the better. Just some quick Internet searching before bed can help you A LOT in class, because the second time you learn material it's usually easier than the first.

To improve yourself over the summer, pick a skill you want to know but don't necessarily have time to learn during the school year and focus on it. For me, I wanted to get better at graphic design since I am on so many social media committees, so I taught myself a decent amount about graphics and color combinations. I am in no way pretending to be an expert at this, but it's something I enjoy. Find a passion and pursue it.

Finally, take time to mentally de-stress and prepare for the semester. This is YOUR time to relax, make sure you're taking care of yourself and your well being. While this is always important, it gets overlooked at school oftentimes because of homework or studying, but we all need to remember to put ourselves first sometimes!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and find them helpful! What are some things you want to learn this summer or something you want to experience?