Get Optimistic for the New York Football Giants

It's that time again. December football in New Jersey. And this year it's meaningful.

And no, it's not for the Jets. That's for damn sure.

The Giants enter tonight's huge home showdown with the rival Dallas Cowboys at 8-4, good for second in the NFC East and currently sitting at the fifth seed in the playoffs.

Nobody expected the Giants would walk into tonight's game at 8-4. Still, nobody takes this team seriously.

But that's okay. Last two times this team was overlooked was in the 2007-08 and 2011-12 seasons. Look up what happened those seasons.

Or better yet just ask any Patriot fan.

Don't get me wrong, it's a tough road ahead. We play a (as much as I hate to admit it) quality Cowboys team tonight. Then a toss-up home game against Detroit. We end with two tough divisional games, both away, in Philadelphia and concluding in Washington against the Redskins and a hot-handed Kirk Cousins.

On paper, we can beat Detroit and Philadelphia. Dallas and Washington will be tougher. But things don't go as they go on paper. That's why the games are played.

And I have followed this team close enough to know they can be inconsistent. Eli Manning can look like a lost puppy of a rookie sometimes, the running game can be nonexistent and the pass rush can look like air.

Then again Manning, Cruz and Beckham can also look like the most explosive offense in the league and the defense can be dominant.

So which team will finish the season? Luckily, they've finished and played well in a solid amount of games this year and maintain a quality record to this point. And from personal experience, the stadium will be rocking tonight against the Cowboys; there is no better, more fun or more united place than Giants Stadium - not to mention the rivalry being played and the playoff implications that are at stake.

A little snow would make it a truly magical environment.

With good wins against Dallas, New Orleans, Baltimore, Philly, and Cincinnati in the books, the Giants look to make the case tonight and the rest of the season that they are belonging of a postseason berth and have the players, execution and chemistry to be successful down the stretch.

Regardless of how this season plays out there is life and excitement surrounding this Giants team and future teams. Buckle up, start the fire and get ready for a thrilling rest of the Giants season - however long it lasts.

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