How Do I Get My Life Together?
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How Do I Get My Life Together?

I need some serious help.

How Do I Get My Life Together?
Sarah Holliman

These past few months have been really hard for me. I haven't been in the best place emotionally and often find myself completely drained physically and mentally.

I am struggling to keep up with my classwork, and am even struggling to make it to my classes in the first place.

I have been doing things to try and lighten my moods like coloring and going fishing. Those things are great, but I have ended up putting off homework to go catch a crappie. I have stayed up way past my bedtime to finish coloring a page.

I am trying desperately to find the balance between what I need to do for school and what I need to do to get myself to a better place mentally. I am not having the best luck at it either.

I am neglecting writing articles, and I am neglecting writing anything in general. I can't focus in class. I can barely focus when someone is speaking to me. This is super frustrating for me because I really want to be "present", but I find it really hard to do some days.

I'm kind of at the point now where I'm just telling myself that whatever I actually did today was enough, instead of beating myself up about everything I didn't get done.

I even made myself a weekly checklist, so that I can mark off things I've done each day. Some of my daily tasks are simple things like getting out of bed, walking my dog, brushing my teeth, showering. Things that are so simple for a lot of people.

I am doing a lot for me right now, even if to other people it seems like I'm being lazy or just making up reasons to avoid responsibility.

I am trying to do better for myself because I am too close to graduating college to quit now.

I apologize to everyone I have neglected the last few months, and I apologize to all of my professors who have given me more than my fair share of free passes.

If someone has any tips to help me pick myself up and get my life together, please send them my way.

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