Hate bad grades? Here are 4 ways to get A’s in College

As a student, I try my best and sometimes that hard work pays off. Recently in my summer class, I got an A, (shout out to one of my favorite journalism professors, Brooke Auxier) and one of the reasons is because I reinvented my study habits and used 4 ways to help me achieve my goal.

1. Organize yourself/not procrastinate/"take it easy/not stress"

As a student, I have had a bad habit, like most college students of procrastinating. So, for this summer class, I decided to limit my Netflix hours and focus on organizing myself. I did this by creating a To- do list and writing assignments down and my to-do list. I also used Google Calendar to set up time for school work, EIC duties and my internship and my chores and other activities I do. I also took my dad's advice to "take it easy" as I get anxiety when it comes to school. I took my time to work and not rush myself. There is only 24 hours in a day.

2. Talk to your prof/communication w/ classmates

One of the most helpful things I did was contacting my professor for questions about assignments. I tried to do this as early as possible so I won't have to do it last minute, and this is a great way to connect with your professor. Eventually, my professor and I are connected through social media and she has become a useful resource I can depend on at school. I also connected with my classmates. Since a majority of them were journalism majors, I made some new friends and some new LinkedIn connections.

3. Have confidence/believe in self

One of the most significant issues I faced was confidence and believing in myself that I can do well in the class. In past classes, I struggled with this due to my fear of failure. So, while I was organizing myself and I made sure to take the time to believe in myself and remember that I can be successful. All it takes is time. However, since I got the A in this recent class, I feel confident for the upcoming fall semester that I can do it again.

4. Find something you can enjoy/interested in

Since the course is about journalism and social media, I thought it was interesting. It was different since it a lot of discussion than regular lecture and testing. I enjoyed doing hands-on work and projects. However, college is all about testing the waters and finding something you can enjoy working in and are interested in. No matter how much time it takes, that's okay because as long as you are HAPPY, you will make it through.

Overall, getting A's isn't easy as cake, and it takes time and hard work. Hopefully, these 4 ways can help bring you a step closer to academic success. Best of Luck on the upcoming fall semester Terps! Remember to take it easy! #FearlessTerps

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