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8 reasons Beyoncé's Soul Train themed party was lit!

Get Down Tonight
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Well y'all, Queen Bey has snatched my wig once again.

Beyoncé celebrated her 35th birthday this past Sunday, September 4, and in true Beyoncé fashion, she did the absolute most. Her Soul Train themed birthday party did not disappoint, and she also reminded everyone that ain't no party like a Queen Bey Party cause a Queen Bey Party don't stop.

The party took place on Monday night, and all of Bey's friends were there (I'm guessing my invite got lost in the mail). The party didn't stop until 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Not only was this a great theme, but the outfits and atmosphere was amazing. I've put together my favorite things about the birthday bash.

1. Beyoncé brings the "Blow" video to life.

The aesthetic from "Blow" was one of my favorite visuals from "Beyoncé." Everything from the outfit choices to the lighting gave me the same vibes. Loved it!

2. Bey, Kelly, and Michelle all serving looks.

I need a Destiny's Child reunion, and I need a disco segment, please! The only thing that would make these outfits better is a little old school, DC harmony.

3. Full on 70s Style (the looks are overwhelming).

All the guests were serving 70s realness, and I'm so jealous that I didn't think of it as my birthday party theme first.

4. Beyoncé grinding on her hubby.

Whenever I see Bey having fun and enjoying herself, I'm here for it. I also love her and Jay's relationship.

5. Blue being absolutely adorable.

Blue wishes her mommy a happy birthday...and eagerly digs into the cake (she think she me).

6. Chance the Rapper and "The Get Down" jokes .

If you haven't started watching "The Get Down" on Netflix , I suggest that you do so you can understand why this is so hilarious.

7. Kelly Rowland looking just like Donna Summers.

I need the biopic and I need it now! Kelly serves Donna so effortlessly.

8. P. Diddy drunk in a wig.

P. Diddy in a wig leads to lots and lots of memes. LOL, the internet is still undefeated.

Happy Birthday, Bey!

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