The 5 Greatest GERD Instagrams
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The 5 Greatest GERD Instagrams

Less acid still tastes yummy

The 5 Greatest GERD Instagrams

My doctor gave me new things –– in addition to the already long list –– to eliminate from my diet. Coffee, chocolate, peppermint, citrus, tomatoes, tomato-based products, carbonated beverages, and any high-acid or fried foods, are all off the table. People often ask me, "well, what do you eat?," after they hear all the things I must avoid. However, a GERD-friendly diet can still taste great with the right grocery list. These five Instagram pages contain tasty, yet acid reflux friendly dishes.

1. The Gerd Chef (@thegerdchef)

This is one of my favorite accounts. The photos are aesthetically pleasing and the chef provides assorted recipes for all meals. This page also caters to vegetarians with dishes like honey pecan crusted salmon and spaghetti squash noodles with roasted shrimp and dairy-free cauliflower pasta sauce . Plus, she posts inspirational photos with words like "breathe," has a list of acid reflux triggers, and suggests medicines she takes. Start with an easy recipe like these gluten-free waffles with carob sauce

2. Gerdelicious (@gerdelicious)

This page just started, but it features great appetizers and fried food alternatives. Try some chicken and mushroom wontons or low carb cauliflower biscuits. Check out the food guide, reflux info, and more recipes on the website. Note: not all these recipes are gluten-free.

3. Gerd Girl (@gerdgirl)

If gerdgirl's profile picture doesn't make you optimistic about a GERD-friendly diet, I don't know what will. This page's user lives in Dublin, Ireland and posts low-fat and gluten-free recipes. Some of the photos look restaurant-worthy and the recipes don't disappoint. Gerdgirl posts exquisite sweet and savory breakfast recipes. Cook up a sweet potato pancake with tofu and smoked salmon or a banana mug cake with Greek yogurt and prune.

4. Coco Katy (@beinggerd)

This page also recently started. Beinggerd beautifully arranges her plates and fills them with veggies. Its a great resource for bowl-style meals like this smoothie bowl or veggie bowl.

5. Dropping Acid Official (@droppingacid)

A GERD diet requires small, frequent meals. This page upholds that standard well. Assemble a turkey and rice bowl dairy-free overnight oats, or a protein-packed salad.

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