I may dye my hair

I may seem annoying

But you can’t change me

Only I can

What if I told you that people actually do this, they dye their hair, they get sleeves of tattoos, and they get the piercings they want? What would you do? Would you accept it or would you deem them all the labels you cannot see but you can feel.

Stop labeling

Stop shaming

Let everyone do as they please

Judging someone and now knowing what they go through is sickening against you

Let people be people

Let people be themselves

Let them express themselves

And all you need to do is accept it

And shut up.

Once you start labeling people that is when your true self is unfolded

Do you really want to be the only person in a room full of people that is considered the hateful one?

Of course not

Our generation is new

Our generation is fierce

Our generation is unique

And nobody will tell us otherwise

We will keep showing off our hair, skin, and piercings

And guess what?

You cannot change us

Because what we are is none of your business

What we have on our bodies does not make us any less than that person in a suit and tie going to church every Sunday.

What we have on our bodies can tell stories, can show off our interests and possibly hobbies.

What we have on our body is none of your business, so shut up.