Less Gender Roles, More Pizza Rolls
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Less Gender Roles, More Pizza Rolls

Let's appreciate the real eighth wonder of the world.

Less Gender Roles, More Pizza Rolls
According to the English Encyclopedia, "gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. It arises from differences in socially constructed gender roles as well as biologically through chromosomes, brain structure, and hormonal differences."

While many people would argue gender inequality is a farce, looking at the average American man and woman and the expectations pushed on each one shows very obvious gender inequality.

Women are expected to be feminine and pretty with long hair and makeup. Men are expected to be masculine and rugged with short hair and stubble. When women dress more masculine or men dress more feminine, they're treated differently. We're expected to adhere to socially constructed gender roles that date back centuries and shouldn't even matter in 2016.

Instead of telling women to do this and men to do that, let's just eat more pizza rolls.

Why try to force women to shave their legs when you can force open the oven for a tray of pizza rolls?

Why tell boys to try sports instead of music and theater when you can tell your friends to try pizza rolls?

Why shame women for wearing short shorts when you can shame the grocery store for not stocking enough pizza rolls?

Why yell that "real men don't cry" when you can yell that "the pizza rolls are ready?!"

Why cast women as sexual objects in film when you can cast yourself as Godzilla rampaging a city of pizza rolls?

Why tell men they have to be tall and toned to be considered attractive when they really just have to hold a plate of pizza rolls?

Why make unwanted advances towards women you don't know when you can make an always-wanted tray of pizza rolls?

Why criticize boys for liking bands like One Direction when you can criticize your fridge for not holding enough pizza rolls?

Why support Clinton or Trump when you can support your local pizza roll vendor?

Why tweet about how you think people are too sensitive to things like "fake gender roles" when you can tweet "Thanks!" to Totino's (AKA Pete Zaroll) for creating glorious pizza rolls?

Why ignore blatant gender inequality when you can ignore your mom telling you to stop eating all the pizza rolls?

Ignoring gender bias isn't going to make it go away and telling people it doesn't exist isn't making anything better. Women and men both experience inequality based on how we're told each gender should dress, behave, work, etc. It's time we stop telling other people what to do and start showering the world in love -- and pizza rolls!

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