12 Ways Gen-Z Kids Are Already Totally Different Than Millennial Kids
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12 Ways Gen-Z Kids Are Already Totally Different Than Millennial Kids

Technology has given this generation a whole new outlook.

12 Ways Gen-Z Kids Are Already Totally Different Than Millennial Kids

We all remember what it was like when we were young, and all the different games we used to play. These games and activities are what helped us grow into the people we are today.

Looking at today’s generation it is easy to see the change in habits and attitudes through how they are raised. Kids nowadays have it way different than their parents or even me for that matter.

The technological age we live in now has definitely changed how kids behave. Here’s a list of some of the things that have changed with kids now vs then.

1. Talking to friends after school

Back in the day, you had what is called a land line and that was how you called your friends. Now, everyone has cell phones and can just send a text whenever they please.

2. When you were told to go play

When I was younger you either went outside or played with your toys in your toybox. Now, kids just run to the nearest gaming system and let that occupy their time.

3. School work

I remember when homework was given as worksheets and we had physical textbooks. I remember having to learn cursive in the 3rd grade because essays were handwritten.

Now, they just give kids Chromebooks and call it a day. You can’t go to school and not own a computer. It is simply impossible.

4. Renting movies

I remember when you had to go to the nearest Blockbuster to rent a movie and even then, you wouldn’t always find what you wanted.

Now, you can just simply go online and find whatever movie you want, including those that are still in theaters.

5. Car rides

They were spent communicating with each other and playing punch buggy no punch back and I spy. Now, all you see are kids either on phones or tablets.

6. Halloween costumes

Back in the day they were all sweet and innocent and being a princess was classy. Now, they are over-sexualized and being a princess means being slutty.

7. Reading

When I was a kid we read actual books. Kids now just read crap they find online.

8. Free time

When I was little free time meant building blanket and pillow forts or hide and seek in the dark. Now, it means X-Box, PS4, or a tablet or computer.

9. Dinner time

This was sitting at the table with your family and talking about your day with no tv or anything. Now kids eat in front of the tv or have a mobile device in their hands.

10. Going on vacation

When I was little we cared more about enjoying our vacations and having fun. Now, it’s all about taking pictures “to remember” the trip. I would rather remember the actual place than remember seeing it through a lens.

11. Playing games

When I was little this meant Monopoly, Uno, or hide and seek. Now it means X-box, PS4, Wii, and whatever other gaming systems you can think of.

12. Communication

Back in the day, you were forced to sit and have a one-on-one conversation with people. You had to actually interact socially. Now, everyone just texts or DM’s making it a very lonely world.

Back when I was little your friend count was the actual, physical people you hung out with, not the number on Facebook. When I was little we didn’t judge status by what kind of cell you had. You were the cool kid if you had the 64 pack of Crayola crayons with the sharpener on the back.

While technology has served us very well in some areas, it has set us back in others. Today's generation will never know the true meaning of fun if they never put the screens down and actually enjoy life in front of them.

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