Gavin Haley And "Sad Season"

At the age of 16, Gavin Haley found himself in Belgium competing in cycling. There he suffered a pretty big injury that resulted in him having to recover in Belgium. While the recovery process took its time, Gavin became acquainted with the European music scene and thus began his journey into music.

Now, almost six years later, Gavin doesn't look back on the incident with malice; instead, he recognizes that it was a way for him to be able to focus on building is craft. It was a way for him to submerge himself into a scene where he needed to be ignorer to grow and make his craft what it is today- and let me tell you, it's an excellent craft.

"Sad Season" is the newest music from Gavin, but don't let the name fool, the beat and message are anything but a sad story. After I described it as a "slow bop," Gavin laughed and agreed, "It's basically just saying that sad season is over. It's about overcoming."

And, overcoming is definitely something that Gavin is familiar with. The song itself is hauntingly pop, and you can feel the emotion behind Gavin's lyrics, with makes it even better. Some of his biggest inspirations are Frank Ocean and Ed Sheeran. "They're just really good at storytelling. I like that their songs become narratives, so that's something I like to work with. In their songs, they have a certain accessibility that I think is really important".

If you want to get Gavin a bit better, take a peek at his Spotify playlist entitled "Serenity 85," and in the meantime, where I know I'll be patiently be awaiting a full album, Gavin can be found on wherever you like to listen to listen to music.

See the "Sad Season" music video here.

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