While October might be the month of spookiness and Halloween for some, for Indians, it is the month of celebration and festivities. This is because Navaratri, or the 9-day festival is usually in October, and Navaratri means Garba. If you didn't know, Garba is a type of dance that originated in Gujarat, India, where devotees dance in circles around a statue of a goddess. Garba is so exciting for so many people, and even being outside of India, we have adopted it.

It has turned into a social event where anyone can come and enjoy dancing with their friends. Every time you step out into the dance floor, there are some thoughts you get as you dance away. Last year, I wrote an article describing the thoughts that come to one's mind when doing Garba. This year, I decided to write about what it's like to finally get back to the Navaratri season and be excited about Garba. Without further ado, here are thoughts everyone at Garba gets... part two.

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1. I'm so prepared for this 

Last year was such an L. I really do need to dance this year

2. Do I need to make a groupchat because who am I going with?

4. I need to  know how to tie this lehenga thing.

5. *Five mins later* I need my mom. I've failed myself again.

6. What time does this thing start again? 

7. Seven PM? Which means I can be there at like nine because #Indianstandardtiming

8. I have a whole two and a half hours to get ready which means... cue Netlflix

9. *after two and a half hours of Friends* I should start getting ready shouldn't I? Yes, yes I should.

10/ Why is everyone here 10 times better dressed than me?

11. I've never seen this many Indians in one place

12. I'm just here to dance dude. I'm so ready .

13. OK so It's currently 9:30 PM, and no one is dancing .

14. They haven't even done AARTHI YET? 

15. People! It's like 10 PM, and I'm ready to show you all my dance moves.

16. Did I mention I was very prepared for this? It's fine, I'm fine. I'll just sit here and wait. 

17. Did I mention I'm very prepared? 

18. OK, so we might as well go outside and take several pictures. *pulls out new iPhone*

19. We also need to take like 3493 basic boomerangs of us spinning in our lehengas.

20. So... it's currently 11 PM, and NOW they decide to do aarthi.

21. I'm gonna be here all night, aren't I?


23. I can't believe this. I actually kind of know what's going on.

24. Hello kids who don't know how to do this. You're sort of taking up my space.

25. If people don't know the dance then why are they coming into the very middle and expect not to be bumped into?

26. Wow, so one thing hasn't changed, and that's the amount of people I've bumped into.

27. There are way too many people here I know.

28. I kind of really like this dance though OMG

29. Why has it been 10 minutes and my feet are already hurting..

30. Aanddddd I stepped on something. The bottom of my feet are hurting so much.

31. Why do I feel dizzy? It might have helped to drink water before? Should I maybe buy a bottle of water....?

32. ONE BOTTLE IS $5!? I'm sorry... Am I buying a water bottle made of gold? 

33. Yeah, I think I'm done. Time to awkwardly waddle out.


35. Now I have to walk across the parking lot to get to the car.

36. I can't wait to take off all 40 pounds of this stuff I'm wearing.

37. I'm probably going to be seeing so many basic GARBAge captions on Instagram tomorrow.

38. Why is everything so complicated.

39. This lehenga itself is going to take three hours to take off.

40. OK I'm finally done that was fun, but now I want to sleep for 10 hours.