The Gaming Community, Or The He-Man Woman-Haters Club

The Gaming Community, Or The He-Man Woman-Haters Club

Even in the virtual world, women aren't safe from everyday sexism.

I love a good video game. Who doesn't? being able to immerse yourself in a highly detailed environment where anything is possible is highly entertaining and a great way to waste time. Whether it's battling dragons in Skyrim, mowing down pedestrians with your car in GTA, or scouring an irradiated wasteland in Fallout, video games give us an opportunity to be someone else for a while or even create our own stories. Video games can also be a powerful medium in which to make a political statement. It is a rapidly changing medium in which to display ideas in a way that is interactive and fun. However, because of video games demographics, it is often hard to get that message across.

Now, what do I mean by demographics? I'm talking about males ages 18-30 who spend their time cursing out 13-year-olds on Xbox Live and using racial slurs when a person of color enters the game while chugging a Big Gulp full of Mountain Dew. Perhaps one of the most disturbing elements of the gaming community is their attitude towards women, especially those who play video games. I have had many a friend tell me that they've gotten rape threats over Xbox Live as well as derogatory statements such as "make me a sammich!" and "go back to the kitchen where you belong!". Even in the virtual world, women aren't safe from violent sexism.

This translates over to the games themselves. It is difficult to find a video game where the main character is a woman; especially a non-sexualized/objectified woman. And when she's not sexualized and is a fully actualized character, the male gaming community begins complaining that she isn't "sexy enough" and this leads to fan art, usually drawn by men, where the female protagonist is depicted having bulging breasts and an 18-inch waist. Take, for example, the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Now, I will admit that I am a fan of GTA; I can't help but go sidewalk surfing and see how many pedestrians I can mow down before the police arrest me. However, the game is blatantly sexist since many of the women depicted in the game are airheads who only care about sex, money, and/or becoming famous. Now, I understand that GTA is a game who's humor comes from satire, but at what point do people begin to internalize this satire and accept it as a universal truth rather than thinking critically about it? When Carolyn Petit, a reviewer for Gamespot, gave GTAV a positive review but called out its problematic depiction of women, fans of the game took up arms and called her a "moron" amongst other things. One commenter even said that a woman's input was useless anyways. Is this really still going on in the 21st century?

The world of gaming is still very much a man's world. I like to think of it as the He-Man Woman-Haters club from "The Little Rascals": a place where boys (not men) can come together and feed off of each others toxic masculinity while calling each other pussies and faggots. I think it's time we begin putting more women into video game design studios where they can share their stories. We need more games where women take the spotlight not as sexual objects for the leering male gaze, but as fully fleshed-out characters who react to the story and push it along.

The future is female, y'all: pretty soon, they'll run even the virtual world.

Cover Image Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters on unsplash

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Girl Power is the best power, And 'Queen V' Is Proof

Why are our feminine healthcare routines so taboo?


Growing up, I was taught to keep feminine products and everything related to them a secret. Pads, tampons, and pretty much anything else in that category. Why are we constantly hiding things that are known to be apart of who we are as women?

We talk about things related to our health as though they are things we should be ashamed of and embarrassed about, rather than talking about them in ways that are beneficial to us. For example, yeast infections, UTIs, and infections such as those are other things many seem to try to hide and feel embarrassment about rather than seek help.

Because so many women struggle with issues related to these and more but keep quiet about them, we struggle to find something that works and something that we know we can count on to not make us feel worse. There may be a new solution to the embarrassment!

Queen V is an up-and-coming brand that is Millennial-based and it has a wide variety of products. They're so great because they have things ranging from odor control sprays to probiotics for keeping away infections to bath bombs literally created for the sole purpose of alleviating unbearable cramps. Why are they not getting more attention?

The founder, Lauren Steinberg, is a young grad from the University of Southern California who struggled with finding feminine products that worked for her. She decided to stop the cycle of women who struggle with finding medications that aren't harmful, so she created Queen V.

Queen V is based on girl power. Girl power is one of the most essential topics of today. We, as women, need to come together and continue to build each other up and motivate one another. It's a brand almost completely built off of empowerment, which should draw everyone in right away.

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Queen V is what we need in our lives as women. Everyone needs to look into their site. Not only do they stress girl power and feminism, but they open the honest conversation about women's health and wellness, which is a topic typically avoided.

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