As always, watching Game of Thrones was a much-anticipated part of my weekend. I'm always excited both to watch it and hang out with friends at the same time. I even watch it twice some weeks, once with my Pi Phi friends on Sunday and again with my roommates on Monday! Here are some of the things I expected to see going into this episode, and how they all turned out (warning, spoilers for episode 6 ahead).

1. Bran in a coma

During the horrible hold the door scene last week, we saw Meera trying to drag away a very unconscious Bran while he tried to learn everything he could from the Three Eyed Raven. The raven was dying (due to Bran's own stupidity), so it was time for Bran to learn the entire history of the world so that he could take the raven's place. Because he had so much to learn, I expected him to be in some sort of coma for a least an entire episode. Instead, he woke up right after being saved by Coldhands (see below), seemingly having already gone through the entire history. I'm not necessarily disappointed, but that part of the show is going slightly differently than I expected.

2. Uncle Benjen

There's a fan theory that's been going around for a while now that Uncle Benjen isn't actually dead, and that he would be coming back sometime soon. I think most of this was based on the fact that he originally was an extremely important character, and then he just disappeared. Character deaths are becoming more and more acceptable, but disappearances usually mean the person is coming back. And guess what? He did! Uncle Benjen/Coldhands (who are two different people in the books) came by in the nick of time to save Bran and Meera from almost certain death.

3. For this to be filler

Last week was an amazing episode. Everyone agrees on that, although nobody likes the outcome of the episode (RIP Hodor). In fact, many people have gone so far to say that The Door was the best episode the show ever produced. Consequently, it was pretty much inevitable that this week's episode be essentially filler, and it was. The episode jumped from scene to scene more quickly than usual, and not a whole lot happened other than the appearance of Benjen. However, it did set things up really well for the remaining episodes, so I can't wait to see them.

4. Something about Jon Snow

Did we see any of Jon Snow this week? I don't think we did. Even if he was on-screen, it wasn't anything important enough for me to remember, and that makes me sad. Jon Snow should be in every episode.

5. Civil war in King's Landing

With Jaime and the Tyrells headed to see the High Sparrow, civil war in King's Landing seemed nearly a sure thing. They wanted Margaery back, but the sparrow wouldn't give her up, so the crown was ready to fight for her. But this part of the episode threw us all for a loop by showing that Margaery had convinced Tommen to call a truce with the church, which in turn forced him to discipline his "Uncle" Jaime by sending him away (for acting out against the church). Overall a really surprising plot point.