Important 'Game Of Thrones' Plot Points For Season 8
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'Game Of Thrones': What To Expect For Season 8

With seven prior seasons, it can be easy to forget some key points. Here's what you need to know.

'Game Of Thrones': What To Expect For Season 8

Spoiler warning: "Game of Thrones" seasons one – seven

With seven prior seasons, it can be easy to forget some key points. Here's what you need to know.

Cersei is pregnant.

Cersei is pregnant with yet another one of Jaime's children, this time she does not intend to keep it a secret. In case you need a refresher on her other children, they're all dead. Joffrey died via poisoning at his coronation, Myrcella faced the same fate on her way back to King's Landing from Dorn, and the youngest, Tommen, committed suicide after his mother used wildfire to kill not only his queen but the entire Sept of Baelor. You thought you had issues with your mother-in-law.

Jon and Daenerys are related.

Early in season seven, we learn through Bran's visions that Jon was not really Eddards son, but his sister Lyanna's and Rhaegar Targaryen's son. This makes Daenerys Jon's aunt. Both characters noticed the dragons' loving reaction to Jon, but both characters shrugged it off. Season seven ended with John and Daenerys spending the night together not knowing they are actually related.

Jaime leaves Cersei's side.

After finding out that Cersei wasn't going to fight during the long night and send her army to the wall because Jon had bent the knee to Daenerys, Jaime left King's Landing and the snowflakes began to fall. Cersei knew about the White Walkers but selfishly decided to remain an enemy of Daenerys and Jon.

The Army of the Dead has dragons AND Giants.

When Daenerys went to save Jon and his men who went to capture a white walker to prove to Cersei the dire need for a truce- Viserion, one of the three dragons, is speared and killed by the Night King in a gruesome death. After they escape, Viserion is brought back to life by the Night King. Also in the Army of the Dead are giants seen in one of Bran's visions. If you remember when Jon was trying to recruit Wildlings, the giant that was with them when fighting off the Army was not easily defeated.

The Wall was destroyed.

The 700-foot tall wall of ice was easily destroyed by Viserion and the Night King as the Night's Watch and the allies are fleeing the collapse and the Army of the Dead. Unfortunately, this is all we get for the season finale, but the teaser trailer showed complete devastation with Jon's sword in the snow and not a soul in sight. Yikes.


Hopefully, this season will give us answers to some of the questions we have developed throughout the series. Will the Night King win, what happens when Daenerys finds out Jon is of noble Stark and Targaryen blood and that she slept with her nephew — weirdo. Many questions also surround Sansa and her newfound love for leadership as the Lady of Winterfell with Arya at her side as her ears and executioner (she really only executed Little Finger but she finds joy in it), and was Jon able to flee the attack on the wall?

These are all questions we hope to find closure for, the cast has done an amazing job at not revealing any spoilers during their numerous interviews about the upcoming season.

The long night has come.

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