Game Of Thrones Quotes Guiding You Through This Difficult Time
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Game Of Thrones Quotes Guiding You Through This Difficult Time

"You have many admirable qualities, self pity is not one of them."

Game Of Thrones Quotes Guiding You Through This Difficult Time

You know those situations when you have to just deal with some irksome nature that's somehow infiltrated your life bubble? It's the worst, because you know that no matter what you do, it's not going to change and you just have to ride out life until the irksome thing isn't a thing anymore.

All humans face times that call for extra motivation. Yeah, yeah. I know that. Like duh, I'm aware that I'm not the only person who has ever groaned after having been dealt an inconvenient or unpleasant hand.

I know that life goes on outside of my little life bubble. I know that my challenges would never outweigh the hardships of another, if being compared in some hypothetical "whose life is harder" contest or whatever. Basically what I'm saying is, we've all got our own stuff to deal with. The irksome nature is in the eye of the individually irked life bubble's inhabitant.

If I'm being honest with you right now though, people of the inter-webs, I must tell you that the irksome nature in my life bubble as of late has unfortunately been pretty dense. These are the times that really feel unfair - when my mind is constantly just like "oh my gosh can life just pause for a second? It's getting difficult keeping track of all the things that are supposed to be irksome. All senses of patience are dissipating. Houston we have a problem."

So it goes without saying that I've been reading a lot of motivational quotes these past couple of days. Most of them have been pretty predictable in terms of vibe and purpose. They could even be put into categories of some sort. A good percentage of the quotes I see on social media platforms like tumblr are just like "you are a beautiful majestic wallflower that is going to bloom into a galaxy of moon beams." I haven't really found these to be helpful though, because I'm just like yeah, I'm aware of all these things, but what about right now? Right now doesn't feel very wallflowery, nor does it feel very potentially moon beamy.

I've found that while in the face of irksome natured situations, I feel most empowered after reading a quote that tells me like it is; that doesn't just tell me how pretty everything is going to be when the difficult times pass, but also how I can mentally bulk up and power toward that pretty ending during which some metaphorical mind metamorphosis is supposed to go down.

I was just about to finish scrolling through tumblr when I serendipitously stumbled upon a picture of the Game of Thrones logo. At first, I was like "ugh I don't want to think about Thrones right now... I just finished watching that show months ago, and I haven't really moved on... emotionally, so this is just kind of adding to the negative vibes I've got going on here in my life bubble. Keep scrolling."

BUT THEN, a thought jumped in line to the front page of my brain. I reminded myself at that moment that I admittedly am, in fact, of some sort, a packrat of random notes. Back when I was still in the process of watching the existing episodes of the Game of Thrones series (xoxo miss those days), I had kept a list on my phone of the random quotes I heard on the show that I couldn't help but jot down.

That's it! I remember thinking. I would seek motivation from those notes. If those words had resonated with me so thoroughly then, for sure they would aid me in my current irksome predicament.


"You have many admirable qualities, self pity is not one of them."

This was the first set of words I read on my list. They hit pretty hard, I have to admit. Like Gods, Varys, I KNOW okay? I'm being a bit of a baby. I can't just sit in my sorrows and feel bad for myself just because life in my bubble isn't currently as pleasant as I'd like it to be.


"The freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted."

Oh, Mance, I feel you buddy. Even in the face of defeat, at least we can look back on it all and just be like yeah yeah, I made mistakes that lead to the crap I'm dealing with now, but at least they were my mistakes, and I'm learning from them and stuff, so maybe I won't ever deal with this particular kind of crap ever again. Though I probably will. But then it'll still be mine too.


"I've had an exciting life. I want my death to be boring."

Bronn has the right idea. Maybe I should tone it down a bit with all the expectations of glory and whatnot. Maybe my expectations are in part biasing my view of how justifiably irksome the nature of my life bubble has actually become.


"Belief is so often the death of reason."

This old dude Qyburn knows that even if all signs point to nope nope nope nope, there still can eventually be an absence of nope's, so long as one believes in the possibility of powering through the nope's to get to the hopeful hoorah's and whatnot's.


"It's easy to confuse what is and what ought to be, especially when what is has worked out in your favor."

Ugggghhhh TYRION WHY? Why do you have to make me acknowledge my own selfish biases and such? It's funny how we do that in our life bubbles. Like, I can see the negative stuff going on in other people's bubbles, and I just think to myself that people should just learn to live with the inevitable. YET, when something inevitable taints the tender walls of my own bubble, I am baffled at the present unfairness, displaying my self serving bias for the world to see.

6. "I failed."

I feel you, Jon. This situation is rotten and I can't help but feel kind of hopeless.

Response - "Good. Now go fail again."

Dang it Davos, as annoying as you kind of are, I'm thankful for your perspective. You're alright. To be human is to be fallible, I know. The failures, the mistakes, the unfair situations - these all teach us how to see past our bubble's nature and grow into the humble warriors that we inevitably are meant to become, so long as we continually remind ourselves to deny self pity; to be thankful for individual potential; to be mindful of pride; to encourage belief in positive outcomes in the face of what seems to be solely negative. We must all the while know that our minds can play tricks on us that make us think of our own life bubbles as inherently having some sort of right to fairness, when in reality we're all just going to have to bear the irksome natured situations thrown our way, and find motivation to keep moving forward through them.

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