'Game of Thrones' Deaths I Will Never Get Over
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'Game of Thrones' Deaths I Will Never Get Over

On Sundays we crush your soul

'Game of Thrones' Deaths I Will Never Get Over

A quick note that this will only account for deaths in the Game of Thrones TV show, and not those of the books. For those of you who have never seen the show or read the books, I strongly implore you to do so BEFOREreading this article. A lot of the beauty of Game of Thrones comes from the unexpected twists and turns the plot takes. For those still catching up, the Internet is dark and full of spoilers. You have been warned.

Game of Thrones is one of the most intense, fantasy novels turned TV show I have ever experienced. Between the hours of bloody violence, plot-necessary sex scenes, and unexpected twists, it is no wonder why there is such a strong fan base for it, but what really gets fans going are the characters. The characters that George R.R. Martin (GRRM) has created are what keep me begging for more every week. GRRM’s obsession with killing off characters, however, is what keeps me crying myself to sleep on Sunday nights.

1. Lord Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark

Ned, why did you have to go and blab to Cersei! You see that your father figure got murdered, because he found something out that he should not have. What do you do? You found out what happened, and the told the person that you found dirt on exactly what you know. You let your honor get the best of you, and now look at you. You couldn’t get a-head in the Game of Thrones (I am not sorry for that pun).

2. Robb Stark & Other “Red Wedding” Victims

Okay so you broke an oath, because you were in love. I get it, but are you serious? That oath would have most likely granted you a strong chance of victory against the Lannisters, and in the Game of Thrones universe, affairs are quite common, and so is having bastard children. You could have easily married the girl you were promised to, and kept your love by your side. Even if you wanted to name one of your bastards your heir, you could have legitimized him or her! There was no reason to break that oath other than your desire to remain loyal in marriage, which your father may or may not have been (see R + L = J). And now you’re dead. So is your wife. And your mom. And your unborn child. Good going.

3. Jon Snow

Okay hear me out. This is referring to my feelings on his death before season 6 decided to use Melisandre magic brought to you by the Lord of Light to revive him.

Jon you are just trying to help, and we all know that, but you also need to understand your subordinates and the culture of The Night’s Watch. Not everyone has your experience with the Wildlings, and in addition to that, not everyone saw the Night’s King raise the dead like a badass super villain. I completely did not expect your death, but I also cannot completely deny that your murderers felt they were doing what was right. Also how’s it hanging Olly?

4. Shireen Baratheon

SHE WAS JUST A CHILD! Melisandre you murdered a child, and they didn’t even win! Stannis you and your wife just let this happen. Worst. King. Ever.

5. Khal Drogo

My sun and stars…why did you have to go. My heart still hurts whenever you are brought up. Melisandre we have another mission for you...

6. King Robert 'Rob' Baratheon

You drunk, whore-loving, fat man. I miss you and Ned's jokes, and your not-give-a-fuckery about the Lannisters.

In memory of King Rob, here one of my personal favorite scenes of him and Ned:

"Bow, you shits!"

7. Hodor

I'm not crying...just...don't ask me to hold the door for a while.

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