I Already Know What I Want In My Future, I Just Need To Get There
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I Already Know What I Want In My Future, I Just Need To Get There

I have the image of what I want, just waiting until time let's me put it in place.

I Already Know What I Want In My Future, I Just Need To Get There
Chloe Black

As many know, I am at Bowling Green State University majoring in Music Education. Right now, I am looking at four to four and a half years here to get my degree and become a teacher. After I get my degree, I plan on moving and starting my life being a role model for children in some school. I have no clue what grade I would like to teach and no idea of where I want to move to when I earn my degree.

Different grades mean different criteria to teach. If I teach children, I would be playing around musically with little classroom instruments, reading books and putting them to music, playing music games, and teaching the children the concepts of music. Teaching high school would be me putting music together into a program, conducting, working on the repertoire specifically, and teaching the students vowels, blend, and intonation.

They are two different kinds of teaching and honestly, I would be OK with either that I end up in. I will be happy, so I don't see the point on choosing now.

Moving is kinda a big deal, I know. However, with the time I still have in school, I can make that decision at a later date. I see myself living in a big city, at least until I decide to have children. Now, will it happen? Only time will tell I guess. I also would like to live in an actual house when I decide to have children, and usually, the big-big cities only have apartments unless you live in a suburb of that city. Which that is another idea all in its self.

I want two children eventually, pretty close age wise. I would love to have one boy and one girl, but that in no-way-shape-or-form is that in my power, obviously. I can't wait for that cool relationship where my child is like "my mom's a teacher." I feel like that type of connection is cool and gives the child a cool standing.

It is told that four out of five teachers have side hustles. It is believable because of the schedule teachers get. Although, I will say that as much as people think teacher get so much time off, they actually don't. Even though the students are gone, teachers still have meetings during the summer and have to go in early for lesson planning, room arranging, and anything else the teacher specifically needs to get ready for the next year.

Anyway, moving away from my argument, I want a side hustle. I have imagined owning my own boutique. It would be unlike many others, but I am not going to get into that aspect just in case I want to do it one day. (Sorry, I don't want to ruin it!) If not the boutique, I've thought about coaching or being apart of those companies that sell products to others around the community. Another side job I've thought about is being a cosmetologist. It can be done, I would just have to go back to school for a summer. I love being busy, so I know I will most likely try something out of this list. Maybe even something different!

All in all, I have no idea what the future holds for me. In my head, I imagine this, but I could be totally wrong. That's the thrill of living.

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