Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: Showercap Edition
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Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: Showercap Edition

"I hugged my crush, I can go home now."

Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: Showercap Edition
Peyton Winters - Shower Cap 2016

We're approaching the midpoint of April, which means day party (darty) season is in full force right now. This past weekend the most well-known spring party, Showercap, took place. The grass of the SAE lawn was barely visible because of the thousands of people in attendance. With so many people around to talk to, there was bound to be some interesting conversations taking place. Here's a few that made it back to me.

1. "Girls shower in water hot enough to melt steel beams, which honestly makes a lot of sense."

2. "My goal today is to NOT smoke a cig."

3. "The name 'Showercap' derived from back in the day when girls would wear those huge, derby-style hats to Derby Days. The SAEs thought it was hilarious and the name was born."

4. "My Tupperware game is ridiculous."

5. "If you think about it, babysitting is a black market job."

6. "We brought popcorn in case we get hungry. Hopefully there's a microwave here somewhere."

7. "Why would you not carry around pepper-spray? You're blonde. You'll be the first target."

8. "Hanging out on a lawn with a bunch of people I don't know has been more of a riveting experience than I expected."

9. "I hugged my crush, I can go home now."

10. "I can't wait to get home and put on a cardigan."

11. "Someone handed me a bag of condoms in Tate the other day and I took it because I thought they were chocolates."

12. "You can't go into this expecting to find a certain person. You have to let the Showercap gods decide who you're going to see and who you won't."

13. "Apparently, my ex blocked me on LinkedIn."

14. "If any of us get separated, just go to the Chick-Fil-A truck. Probably at least one of us will be there."

15. "I should've worn an actual shower cap honestly. I'm short, when drinks get spilled near me they always end up in my hair."

16. "It doesn't matter how drunk I am, you're responsible for making sure I am at DJRX by midnight.

17. "Every guy from my past, present, and future is here and I managed to run into every single one of them."

18. "I don't believe in the concept of childhood."

19. "We couldn't sleep last night because the apartment below us was blasting 'Bad Day' by Daniel Powter."

20. "This is arguably the most Instagramable day of the year. Have you seen the lighting? Everyone looks so good."


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