Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: Spring Break Edition
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Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: Spring Break Edition

"The ship left 64 people in Mexico."

Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: Spring Break Edition

Just like that, spring break came and went faster than UGA's lead over Tennessee (ouch). Whether you were laying on the beach, making snow angels, participating in a belly flop contest, or relaxing at home, you most likely were doing something more fun than being at school. The marathon that is spring break is always a great time, but the comeback is the hardest. It's our last break until the end of the semester, to help you start out strong let's reminisce on the past week with some quotes.

1. "NO ONE wants a 700 calorie margarita." "Speak for yourself, hag."

2. "I broke my foot. Get it? Spring 'break.' I'm so funny."

3. "The ship left 64 people in Mexico."

4. "The question isn't 'Dominican Republic or Cancun?' The question is 'bar beside the pool or bar INSIDE of the pool?'"

5. "I don't know how I'm gonna explain the herpes to the kids I teach."

6. "If you didn't get beaded cornrows in the Bahamas, did you actually go on the cruise?"

7. "His mom had to drive seven hours because we weren't old enough to check into the hotel."

8. "So if we go down this path there's a chance that we either get hit by golf balls, attacked by a bull, or killed by an Irish serial killer. Let's get after it."

9. "After three margaritas I wrote an essay and it was some of my best work."

10. "I won the hula hoop contest, but then I stepped on a sea urchin."

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11. "I'm skiing with my shirt off mom, I don't care if it's 'actually cold' in Colorado."

12. "Everyone is referring to Gulf Shores as Orange Beach this year, because they don't want to admit that they're going to Gulf Shores."

13. "Do you think they make tuxes for puppies? I need a formal date."

14. "I watched a couple get engaged at sunset in Hawaii, just another reminder of how single I am."

15. "I'm guessing all of these random emojis on Venmo represent drugs for Okeechobee."

16. "Everyone outside this building is wearing cat ears...I think we're missing out on something."

17. "We snuck vodka onto the ship in shampoo bottles. No matter how much we mixed it, we couldn't get the Pantene taste out of it. "

18. "Besides the biker gangs, the people in Daytona were surprisingly normal."

19. "I woke up at 2 p.m. one day and decided I didn't care enough to catch up on all the Snapchat stories. Life has been a lot less annoying ever since."

20. "Thank goodness DJRX is waiting for me when I get back to Athens."

Glad to have you all back in one piece,


Eavesdropping Girl

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