7 Christmas Pranks Perfect For Your Family

7 Ways To Prank Your Naughty Family So Next Year They Will Be Sugar, And Spice, And Everything Nice

Want to make your Christmas gatherings more entertaining? Here's how.

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Christmas has always been a holiday of joy, cheer, and most importantly of all, presents. But there's only so many times you can simply unwrap a present to find your gift inside. So why not spruce up the tradition of giving your gifts out? Here's a couple ways that you can.

1. Prank boxes. 


While there might actually be someone in your family who'd want a gravy fountain (and consequently would be heartily disappointed that there isn't a gravy ladle inside), chances are there'll be more of a confused look on the recipient's face when they tear off the wrapping to a very niche dinner tool. And if that's not your type, there are several other examples you can find on Amazon.

2. Change up the packaging. 


Want to confuse your favorite family member when they open their present? Put it in something they don't expect! Slide a gift card to Starbucks into a Victoria's Secret box and hand it to your favorite nephew, or put something small in a Play-Doh container. Not only will they be confused, there might be a little betrayal thrown into the mix as well.

3. Wrap it as many times as you dare. 


There are a couple of ways to do this -- if you can, wrap it as many times as you want to in different wrapping paper. Or, for the slightly more sadistic, wrap it as many times as you can in similar-looking papers, such as newspaper or magazine catalog pages. Fun times for anyone, especially impatient little kids.

4. Make it into a treasure hunt. 


This work especially well if the gift exchange is on your home grounds -- what better way to have a kid receive a present than to work for it? Send them scrambling around the house, through the yard, and if you're feeling a little adventurous, perhaps to the next street over. Also a really good way to bond all of the cousins together, because nothing says family time like digging up a hole in the middle of winter.

5. Give them a barcode. 


It isn't hard to find an app that'll scan bar codes, but it's certainly entertaining to watch someone open an envelope at Christmas to find just a bar code. After all, it could code for anything from the box to a new phone to a can of sour cream and onion Pringles. (Which would be tragic, actually.)

6. White Elephant the gift exchange. 


Not only does this reduce the financial strain by requiring everyone to get one gift instead of a gift for everyone, the purpose of a White Elephant is to give somewhat whimsical gifts. The concept also allows recipients to 'steal' a present up to two times, so if someone isn't yelling in betrayal by the end of it, have you really carried it out right?

7. Leave the name tags off.


Does everyone know each other well enough to know which gift belongs to who? Or will mass confusion abound? Which one of them was actually supposed to receive the laundry bag, and which one of them was supposed to receive the electric kettle? And the biggest question of them all: who's going to get the Nintendo Switch that just got unwrapped?

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