5 YouTube Channels That Will Brighten Your Day
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5 YouTube Channels That Will Brighten Your Day

For when you need to laugh for a couple of minutes.

5 YouTube Channels That Will Brighten Your Day

Some of these YouTube channels are more well known than others, but I can guarantee all five of these channels will brighten your day when you need to laugh for a couple of minutes.

1. ElleOfTheMills

Elle Mills makes mostly comedy videos that are centered around her love life, or lack thereof, and her family. She has a charming sense of humor that is accented by very creative editing and pacing in her videos. Her coming out video is widely recognized as being one of the most influential on the platform. No matter the subject material, most of her videos will leave you feeling happy about how you spent the last 10 minutes.

2. Carly and Erin

Carly and Erin are mostly recognized for being members of a larger group of vloggers in Los Angeles, and their channel often goes unnoticed. There's no real rhyme or reason to most of their videos, but they share a friendship that has endured much longer than most joint channels on YouTube, which gives them a certain charm that has probably contributed to their recent growth.

3. Zimri Mayfield

Zimri Mayfield is definitely the smallest channel on this list. Zimri's channel is the kind that you discover when you have to take a graphic design class in college and don't know how to use any Adobe software, so you search for tutorials on YouTube. Most of his videos are design centered. He's a bumbling ball of energy that is so much fun to watch that you almost forget that he's teaching you something.

4. shane

Everyone who has spent more than 10 minutes on YouTube already knows who this guy is. He has been around forever and has been the master of maintaining relevancy on a platform that's only constant is change. Shane is funny and all of his videos, even the problematic sketches of the past, have a positive overarching theme.

5. JennaMarbles

Jenna is another creator that has been around forever. Though, unlike Shane Dawson, she has managed to stay relevant for the better part of 10 years without changing the content that she produces very much. Most of her videos focus on her dogs or some kind of craft that she decides to take on. She helps you realize that you don't need to be a professional to glue 1000 rhinestones to your face, you just have to be bored enough.

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