The TV show Psych ran for eight seasons and recently released a movie. It is one of my favourite shows, and my best friend got me into it two years ago. The show is known for its quippy one-liners and stupid humour.

1. Shawn overestimating his abilities.

2. Gus loving Pluto a LITTLE too much.

3. That one time Shawn worked for the Crown.

4. Psych's love for pineapples.

5. Our ~apprehensive~ love for Woody.

6. Shawn's intricate relationship with Lassiter and Jules.

7. The time Gus and Shawn attended a Harry Potter convention.

8. Shawn and Gus and the fact that they never really grew up.

9. Shawn and Gus's "professionalism".

10. And, of course, we can't forget about Shules!