The second semester has started, and sadly, the weekends are empty! No more screams echoing from Beaver Stadium, no more "Sweet Caroline" or pizza cones until next semester. What will students do now that we have Saturdays free?

Here are some ideas to fulfill the game day blues:

1. Go to a hockey game.

It may not be the same as standing in the freezing cold at Beaver Stadium, but the hockey team is pretty good! They'll put on a good show for Penn State's sports fans. Here is their schedule.

2. Go to a basketball game.

Although their record is 7-8, going to the BJC and cheering for our Nittany Lions can surpass the time! Check out one of their upcoming games!

3. Go to the movies.

Every Tuesday, College 9 State College has $5 tickets, so go see that "Aquaman" movie we all know you're secretly dying to see! It may not be a Saturday, but nothing can beat $5 tickets!

4. Go to Get Air State College.

If you like jumping and trampolines, then this place is for you! Soar with your friends and spend your Saturdays exercising and jumping around!

5. Go to the gym. 

During game days, the IM building is closed, but now that we have Saturdays free, you can hit the weights and work on that New Year's resolution!

6. Hike Mount Nittany.

It may be winter and State College is always freezing, but get your friends together and go to Mount Nittany. The view is spectacular and worth the hike! Who knows, maybe you can even go skiing!

7. Find a new place to eat.

State College has a plethora of restaurants and small food stores! Go and explore downtown with your friends and find your new hangout spot! They are constantly adding new places like Snap Pizza!