Fun Places To Study When The Studying Isn't So Fun

Fun Places To Study When The Studying Isn't So Fun

As long as I have a good cup of coffee and a quiet corner, then I'm able to get so much work done.


I think one of the biggest differences between college and high school is that there is always something you could be doing. The work is endless, but as long as I have a good cup of coffee and a quiet corner then I'm able to get so much work done. Here are some fun places to study.

1. Coffee Shops

I can testify that most of my time in the past 5 years has been spent at a coffee shop. Not only do they feed my caffeine addiction, but they create a comforting atmosphere where you can spread out all of your homework and really focus.

2. Bookstores

I have found that a lot of people like to go to coffee shops. Sometimes it's refreshing to run into people you know, but at other times I need no distractions or I may never get anything done. I think studying at bookstores is a good solution to having no distractions. Just the other day I went to Barnes and Noble for three hours and got so much done with no interruptions. Also, if you're a book nerd like me, you can reward yourself for your hard work by going to look at books after you're done studying or if you need to take a brief break.


Another great place to study with no distractions is the library. Libraries have a no speaking policy, which makes it easy to focus. Some libraries have rooms that you can reserve. During finals, I like to reserve a room where I can go and study with a few people. A small space to study allows you to consult with your peers on something you're unsure about, but it is still a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.


If it's a nice day and you don't want to spend all of your time inside studying, take your homework outside with you. I like to take my hammock and work on homework. A hammock is a great place to study and it is a great place to take a power nap if you need to take a small break from work!

No matter what atmosphere you prefer, pick a study place that provides a relaxing atmosphere where you can be the most productive with no distractions. Also, it is a good idea to figure out what helps you study. At times, I work best when I'm alone in a quiet atmosphere. Then other times, I like to have two or three friends who are just as dedicated to working as I am. It's good to have a couple of people to motivate you to get things done and who will help you if you're confusing about something. So next time you need to study or do homework, pick a fun and helpful study place!

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6 Places in New York City Every "Friends" Fan Needs To Visit

Grab a cup of coffee at Central Park.

As a "Friends" fanatic myself, I often wonder about the places in New York City featured in the various episodes and whether I could actually visit them. Most of them are fictional or no longer exist, but there are a few places you can go to reminisce about your favorite "Friends" moments. So, here are six places in New York City you definitely need to visit as a "Friends" fan.

1. The Apartment Building, Obviously

The building used for the exterior shot of the apartments in "Friends" is real and is located at 90 Bedford Street at the corner of Grove Street in Greenwich Village. It's an obvious must-see.

2. The Pulitzer Fountain

This is the fountain that the friends danced around in for the iconic theme song, and it's located right in Central Park.

3. Bloomingdale's

This is the department where Rachel worked before she moved on to Ralph Lauren, where she met Joshua, and where she started her career in fashion.

4. The Plaza Hotel

This is where Monica and Chandler celebrated their engagement in "The One WIth Monica's Thunder," and is actually really gorgeous.

5. The Central Perk Replica

While Central Perk isn't a real coffee shop, a pop-up replica opened up in 2014 on Lafayette Street and it's definitely a must-visit.

6. Chandler's Office

The fictional Chandler works in the real Solow Building, located on West 57th street.

Cover Image Credit: Fame Focus

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My Opinions on "The Bachelor"

Thoughts about Colton's decisions and the "fence drama"


SPOILER ALERT: There are several spoilers in this article so if you haven't watched this season read with caution.

I am a sucker for reality TV because I love the drama and I know that sound terrible but it's true. Before this season I didn't watch "The Bachelor" because I just wasn't interested, but my friends wanted to watch it, so I decided to join. I was immediately hooked when I saw that Colton jumped a fence in the previews but little did I know how much I was going to enjoy the season.

After watching the last few episodes, my interest grew. I was rooting for Caelynn because I thought they were so natural together, but when he sent her home, I was as shocked as she as was. He never showed any indication that she wasn't the one but when she didn't get a rose, and they had their conversation she never got any closer leaving her and the audience confused. I thought for sure Taysha was going home because I don't see their bond, but sure enough, Caelynn left.

When it came time for fantasy sweets, my friends and I were so excited because we found out why he jumped the fence. His date with Taysha went well, and they spent the night together. The next morning, you could tell nothing happened between the two just by Tayshas facial expressions. Next, it was time for Cassie, and I feel like they have the strongest bond out of all three. Their date was going well until Colton told her that her father didn't give Colton his blessing to marry Cassie. She was thrown off by his statement, and that is when things started going downhill, and she was second-guessing her affection for Colton. Then CASSIE'S DAD SHOWS UP!!! He then talks with her and makes her question everything further which I am upset about this because I feel like her dad ruined it for her.

So when it was time for their night together, she told him that she needed to go home and he tried so hard to keep her there because he admitted that she was the one that he wanted at the end of this and she told him that he loves her. That is the first person that he has admitted his love for. He was all in and was willing to give her time to make her decision, but she kept saying that she was so confused and she didn't know about her decision. Ultimately at the end of the night, she left.

This is where the juicy things start happening. Colton got so upset because the girl he fell in love with left, so he JUMPED OVER A FENCE like it was NOTHING! The jump was everything that it was hyped up to be, so much drama.

In conclusion, I love "The Batchelor," and I can't wait to see the two-day live finally.

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