With limited places to go and even more limited funds, being a teenager in a small town really allows you to enjoy life's simplest moments. If you grew up like I did, you didn't have beaches or big cities to dedicate your weekends to. Being bored constitutes creative problem solving amongst friends. The first suggestion is almost always to drive somewhere to get food, followed by drinking beer in someone's basement while their parents are upstairs. High school was full of long, destination-less drives with loud music and even louder company. But I guess that was just the universe's way of telling us to enjoy the journey, not the destination!

1. Go for a drive

When boredom strikes, gather all your friends, put on your favorite playlist and just drive. You're sure to think of something else to do while driving, and good vibes are always guaranteed. Maybe it's not the destination or the journey, but the passengers that are the best part.

2. Listen to music in the car

No, the car does not have to be moving in order to have a good time. I remember waiting with my friends for albums to drop, going into the parked car, turning the bass all the way up, and reclining the seats all the way back. Half the time we didn't even have our licenses yet, and had to use someone's mom's car to partake in this experience. You can't even blame us for this one, music always sounds better in the car.

3. Get food even if you're not hungry

Taco bell trips that resulted in an order of 5 baja blasts and no food happened far too often. The local Coney Island was the meeting place to kill a few hours with friends in the middle of the night.

4. Walk around a park

No, not all teenagers that hang out in a park are juvenile delinquents and potheads. Sometimes it was the only place to go to enjoy the summer night because once again, there's nothing to do. There are tons of variations to this one including biking, rollerblading, or really bringing anything with wheels to a park.

5. Go bowling

One of the few things on this list that costs money, but is sure to be a blast, is bowling. Half of your graduating class passing around McDonald's cups of "soda" and participating in some friendly competition is a big night out for us small town kids.

6. Go to the movies

When the newest scary movie comes out in a small town, it's like a red carpet event. You buy tickets in advance and make a whole night of it, and see about 30 people you know in the same theater as you.

7. Play cards

Maybe it's just a midwest thing, but a party without Euchre and Spoons is not a party worth going to.

8. Basement party

Something about being underground really makes teenagers want to be stupid drunk.

9. Post on social media asking who wants to meet up-hoping your crush responds

People use this tactic for one of few reasons:

1. To get the attention of a crush

2. To get a ride somewhere

3. They're bored of the friend they're already with

10. Go 2 towns over to drive around more

Something about driving around unfamiliar territory is kind of exhilarating. A full gas tank is just asking for a mini-road trip, and you may even go to the nearest wealthy town to gaze at the huge mansions and gated communities.

11. Sneak onto your high school football field

Stargazing is somehow more enjoyable when you know you're doing something you're not supposed to. The only thing scarier than climbing the huge fence onto the football field was hiding behind the goal posts when the cops come and assume, once again, you're smoking pot.

12. Ding dong ditch

Nobody's safe from ding dong ditching, toilet paper, or even fish. Yes, fish. A relaxing girls' night of hot tubbing turned into panic as a bag of LIVE goldfish was hurdled over the roof and into the pool, releasing dozens of swimming fish. Might not be the most common prank, but I told you we have to get creative around here.

13. Some reckless shit

When there's nothing left to do and you've already completed activities 1-12, shenanigans are just waiting to occur.