11 Facts Of Life When You're From Paducah, KY

If you tell someone that you live in Paducah, Kentucky, you'll probably get a reply along the lines of, "Where is that?" But if you tell them you're from "Quilt City, U.S.A.", they'll probably reply with, "Oh! You're from Paducah!"

Here are 11 things you know all too well if you're from Paducah (and surrounding areas).

1. BBQ On The River is something you look forward to every single year and you're never not excited for it.

There are (what seems to be) a million vendors selling pulled pork, turkey legs, chicken, funnel cakes, and even cheesecake on a stick. You can even buy clothes from the expensive boutique vendors. You have a million options and I bet your mouth is watering and your bank account is crying, aren't they?

2. The field trips to the Challenger Center were the best.

Not only did you get to learn a few educational things about space, but you also got to pretend to be part of the team to safely land the spacecraft on the moon. Did we truly know what we were doing? Probably not. But it is going on my resume for when I apply to NASA.

3. Quilt Week will be the absolute death of everyone living in Paducah.

Streets are filled with people, traffic is crazy, and don't even dare to try to go downtown during this week unless you want to lose a limb.

4. Although McCracken County High School is now 3 "rival" schools combined together, we all know who came from what school.

Everyone associated Lone Oak kids with rude, popular kids and Heath was all of the redneck kids and Reidland was just... Reidland.

5. Kentucky Oaks Mall is not even really a mall anymore.

Every empty space used to be filled in that mall. And now? All of the best stores are gone (R.I.P WetSeal, Payless, and Sears).

6. The riverfront was (and probably still is) the place to be.

Want to hang out with your friends? Go to the riverfront. Want to watch fireworks on the 4th of July? Go to the riverfront. Want to have a peaceful protest? Apparently, you can go to the riverfront for that, too.

7. Los Amigos is THE Mexican restaurant where everyone goes.

Sure, there's Los Garcia and Casa Mexicana, but nothing will ever top Los Amigos. After all, there is like 3 in Paducah and nobody will judge if you go to all 3 in one day. It's THAT good.

8. Cinemark is THE place for your cringe-worthy first dates in middle school.

Been there, done that and it was just as awkward as I would've expected. Dates at Cinemark were usually followed by dinner at the Pasta House, but we all know what happened there. (R.I.P Pasta House)

9. Those expensive "$40 for a plain white t-shirt" boutiques? Yep, we have those.

Remember the boutiques I mentioned earlier? Not only can you spend your whole life's savings to buy one outfit, but you can get it monogrammed, too! It's your lucky day. Your bank account, however, is not so lucky.

10. Speaking of monogramming...

Everyone monograms everything. Hats? Yep. Jackets? Those too. Phone cases? Of course! Your child's birth certificate? Why not? There's no stopping these people.

11. Everyone knows just about everyone in this town.

And everyone is somehow related. John is Marie's cousin who is also the best friend of Laura who is Natalie's twin sister. It's truly never ending and quite confusing.

Paducah is filled with a lot of restaurants and more boutiques than anyone can keep up with, but will always be Quilt City U.S.A. Nobody can resist this historic city, so here's to you, Paducah.

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