11 Cheap & Fun Activities to Try This Summer

Summer has finally arrived! Everyone has been counting down the days until school is getting out and trying to finish out the semester strong. Now, you can finally relax and take time to reunite with some friends. Sometimes it can be a bummer when you can't find anything fun or cheap to do. Then, from there you'll find yourself not doing anything at all. Don't let your summer become boring by following this guide of cheap and fun activities to try out.

1. Go to a free music festival


Keep your eye out on any free music festivals that are around you this summer. I know for sure that around me in Austin, Texas each summer they have Blues On The Green. Many people come out with their family, friends, and even their dogs to enjoy a fun time at the free music festival.

2. Try DIY arts and crafts


If you love painting, sketching, sculpting, etc., then you should try looking online for any DIY projects. Pinterest and Youtube are great sites to follow. Or simply go explore outside and draw what you see.

3. Go to the zoo


Take some of your friends or family and go to the zoo. Some zoos have admission tickets you can purchase and even some of them are free! This would be a fun time to bond with the people you go with along as the animals you see.

4. Workout


Try to get in shape and get that summer body that you always wanted this summer. Take a look at this article I wrote earlier of different workout routines: The Ultimate Summer Workouts

5. Host a Picnic


Gather some family or friends together and have a picnic together. Each person can bring one thing and everyone can share a nice meal together. It is a great way to reunite some old friends together or even spend time with the family.

6. Swim


Go to the pool and swim! Lay out and tan in the sun! There's so much fun in the sun just make sure to wear sunscreen.

7. Stargazing


Go outside and enjoy the night view of the stars. Luckily it gets cooler during the summer so you won't feel overheated.

8. Take a Hike


Go outside and enjoy some fresh air. Hiking is an excellent way to exercise and it's free! Find the nearest hiking trail around you and start walking and take in the scenery.

9. Volunteer


Not only are you giving back to the community when it comes to volunteering but it can also be a lot of fun. It can be a chance to meet new friends and be beneficial to put on your resume. Search for the nearest volunteer opportunity on VolunteerMatch.

10. Cook or Bake


If you find yourself getting bored and not knowing what to, then try cooking or baking. There are dozens of recipes out there to try. Find your favorite dishes and desserts and get started.

11. Visit a local farmer's market


Grab the freshest and in-season foods at any local farmer's market. Before you go, keep in mind that they don't provide bags to put the goods you purchase in so make sure to bring some. Also, try to go early to get the freshest fruits and vegetables before they run out.

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