10 Most Adventurous Activities To Push You Out Of Your Comfort Zone
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10 Adventurous Activities To Try In North Carolina That Will Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

North Carolina has something to serve the thrill inside of you.

10 Adventurous Activities To Try In North Carolina That Will Get You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you are looking for something fun and adventurous to do in North Carolina, then look no farther. When you first think of North Carolina the beaches come to mind, but we have so much more than that. We have a little of something for everyone. We have activities that will push you out of your comfort zone and grab a hold of life.

Whether you are on spring break or looking for something fun to do over the summer, here are some of the perfect activities for you.

1. RidgeRunner Ziplines (Andrews, N.C.)

RidgeRunner Ziplines


Who doesn't love Ziplines? It can be a day full of a thrill and rush. It is an activity that the whole family can enjoy. It serves the thrill that is inside of adventurous people. It gives you an amazing view of the southern Appalachian mountains. The course has 11 lines and one suspension bridge.

2. Sky Valley Zip Tours (Blowing Rock, N.C.)

Sky Valley Zip Tours, Blowing Rock


Blowing Rock is a gorgeous area in the North Carolina mountains. The Zip Tours is an amazing way of seeing Blowing Rock. Nine zip lines, a cliff jump, a swinging bridge, a leap of faith and countless views later there is hours worth of fun for the thrill seekers.

3. Mile High Swinging Bridge (Linville, N.C.)

Mile High Swinging Bridge


This is one of my favorite attractions when I go to Grandfather Mountain. It is fun and a sense of pride to walk across that bridge. It is an amazing view to look down from that bridge.

4. Asheville Hot Air Balloons  (Candler, N.C.) 

Asheville Hot Air Balloons


If you do not have a fear of heights, this is the activity for you. I know people who have done it and have loved the experience. If you go in the Spring or Autumn you will see some amazing sights. It is one of the oldest and largest hot air balloon company in Western North Carolina.

5. Carowinds (Charlotte, N.C.)


If you like adventure and thrill, then Carowinds is the place for you. There are 13 amazing roller coasters for all ages are at Carowinds a few being The Intimidator, Carolina Cyclone, and Copperhead Strike. There is a whole day worth of fun at Carowinds for the family.

6. Cataloochee Ranch Horseback Riding (Maggie Valley, N.C.)


If you are an animal lover, then the guided horseback rides are for you. The Cataloochee Ranch is a beautiful place and you get to view nature on these beautiful, majestic creatures.

7. Charlotte Motor Speedway (Concord, N.C.)


Charlotte Motor Speedway has a lot of opportunities for thrill seekers. If you are a racing fan than you have two weekends in May that offer great opportunities to see great racing. It is has the racing experience. Where you get to ride along with professionals and see what they see. You get to experience a glimpse of the NASCAR racing life.

8. Kitty Hawk Kites Segway Adventures (Corolla, N.C.)

Kitty Hawk Kites Segway Adventures

Who doesn't like segways? They are fun and they are extremely fun at the Outer Banks.

9. North Carolina Zoo (Asheboro, N.C.)


The zoo is a fun activity.

10. Alive After 5 (Charlotte, N.C.)

Alive After Five

Alive After Five is a music festival that takes place in Charlotte. It is a free event and fun event to go to. It is a fun event to hang out with your friends. It takes place on Rooftop 210 that is located in downtown Charlotte.

North Carolina has activities for people who enjoy seeking a thrill. If you want to have a good time and enjoy life, you do not need to leave North Carolina. North Carolina has something to serve the thrill inside of you.

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