"Full House" Is Back!
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"Full House" Is Back!

Just A Little Fuller.

"Full House" Is Back!

Have mercy! The television show that most of us grew up watching is back and a little bit fuller. In 1987, Full House made its debut and ran for eight glorious years. After twenty years of demanding that Full House be brought back, someone finally answered. Netflix came through with a "you got it dude!" and fulfilled everyone's dreams of Full House's comeback . Here are some reminders as to why Full House was so popular back in the day in honor of its resurrection as Fuller House.

The biggest ball of sass fit into one tiny human.

Michelle Tanner was the cutest kid on television as well as the sassiest. Her quick and witty responses always left you with two reactions: "aw!" or "forreal lol'ing."

The best friend every girl needs.

Despite the fact that Kimmy Gibbler was annoying a lot of the time, she was DJ's best friend. Kimmy was reliable, funny, and always looked out for DJ. What more could a girl want out of a best friend?

He's a cool dad.

Before Regina George's mom established herself as "the cool mom," Danny Tanner proved that he's the cool dad around the block. Not only was he awesome for being the fictional co-host of the show, Wake Up, San Francisco, but he managed to raise three daughters as a single parent.

The middle child.

There are so many reasons to adore Stephanie. As the middle child, she got to play the role of both the big sister and the little sister. As DJ's little sister, Stephanie eavesdropped on DJ's phone calls, read her diary, and borrowed her clothes without asking. As Michelle's older sister, Stephanie taught Michelle to be her partner in crime when it came to bothering DJ. While doing all of that, Stephanie also established herself as the queen of sarcasm.

The big sis.

While all three of the Tanner daughters lost their mom, DJ was the oldest and had the most memories with their mom. Throughout the eight years of Full House, we got to witness DJ grow up. We fell in love with the older sister who cared for her younger sisters more than anything else in the world.

"Cut it out!"

Joey Gladstone was always there to cheer everyone up. As a stand-up comedian, he used his imitations of cartoon characters to make others laugh. Uncle Joey was not just around for the occasional laugh though. He took care of DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle during the day. Full House would not have been the same without him!

Everyone was jealous of Aunt Becky.

Everyone loves Uncle Jesse. He was a smooth-talking hottie who no one could resist. As the lead singer in his band, Jesse and the Rippers, he established himself as a bad ass. That bad ass mentality eventually changed after he stayed to help raise his three nieces once his sister, Pam, passed away. We watched him fall in love with Becky, but we learned to accept it because they're perfect for each other and have the cutest twins.

Full House is hands down one of the best television shows of all time, and we can't wait to see what's next for the Tanner family in Fuller House. Thank you Netflix for saving us all, once again.

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