I think we can all agree that scheduling classes can be one of the biggest pains in your butts. There is so much thinking and planning that goes into it that it's hard to focus on any other task when you have this hanging over your head. You need to make an advising appointment because you don't even know what classes you need to take. When you get to the meeting, you realize how many more classes you need to take and that stresses you out because now you don't know if you're going to graduate on time. It's just a huge, long process that none of us really want to go through.

1. "I don't want to take any class before 9 a.m."

2. "Oh, this is the only one offered?"

3. "I guess I will be taking a class before 9 a.m."

4. "I wonder if there's an online class for this course."

5. "Of course, there isn't."

6. "Maybe I should meet with my advisor again."

7. "Am I going to graduate on time?"

8. "I'm supposed to graduate in a year, why do I have so many classes to take still?"

9. "I wish I took more classes in previous semesters."

10. "I should call my mom."

11. "Do I really want to take 18 credit hours next semester?"

12. "I'm doing this for my degree."

13. "I will get that diploma."

14. "I wish my major had block scheduling."

15. "I still have to do Gen Eds?!"

16. "Maybe I should just drop out."

17. "This is too much pressure."

18. "I love courses that only offer one time slot."

19. "No need to use Rate My Professor now."

20. "I need more options."

21. "My schedule is going to suck."

22. "Oh, great, these classes are at the exact same time."

23. "And they're both only offered in the spring."

24. "What am I supposed to do now?"

25. *internally screams out of frustration*

26. "I also need to make time for my internship and job."

27. "I don't even know when I'm going to have time for either."

28. "This is one choppy schedule."

29. "I should take a course over the summer."

30. "Then I won't need 19 credits next semester."

31. "But I'll be working full-time over the summer."

32. "I guess I'll make it work."

33. "Now I need to look into that."

34. "When will it end?"

35. "I just want it to be winter break."

36. "I hope the server doesn't crash when I schedule."

37. "Or that any of these classes close before I get the chance to schedule."

38. "What if I have to do this all-over again when I enroll?"

39. "I'll cry."

40. "I can't wait to get this done and not have to worry about it until the middle of spring semester."