This semester, my Tuesday/Thursday is jam-packed (from 8 am to 7 pm) with classes that don't count toward my major. Out of the seven classes I am taking this semester, only one of them is required for me to graduate. My major is extremely versatile, and the classes I am taking are at least somewhat beneficial, but I still would have liked to take the upper-level classes that I need to graduate.

The only thing that stopped me from taking these classes is the number of credits I have. I have taken the pre-requisite classes, but I guess I am just not old enough to take the classes I want to take. Although, I do not understand how I will change in a semester, especially when the classes I am taking won't help the upper level classes.

There are only four classes that you can take as a technical communication major that count toward the major's graduation requirement before you are a junior at Iowa State. That is one class a semester. There are only so many gen eds or classes for a minor I can take before I start to question if I'm actually in my major.

I have tried talking to my adviser — who also teaches one of the classes I tried to get into — and no luck. In my opinion, age or number of credits should not matter when you are trying to learn and you have taken the pre reqs to back you up.

Do any other majors have this problem? Is there any logical reason behind pre reqs that involve class status? I have no answers. If anyone else does, let me know.