Mr. Trump,

I want to start out by saying I am not a supporter. I did not vote for you, nor do I agree with any of the things you stand for. I have concerns for you and for our nation over the next four years, and I will list them here. However, I do not want to see you fail.

I am concerned for the safety of our nation. Your temper is not one that is a secret, and it seems that maybe you cannot contain it well at times. I worry that we will be at war soon and that the people I love will go and not return home. I worry for our troops overseas now, and what could happen to them just for being from America.

I am concerned for women across the nation. Women have been portrayed as objects in the things you have said, and let me assure you we are not. I am concerned for the sexual assault survivors who fear that their attacks will happen again because of rape culture being promoted. As one of those women, I have to say the comments you have made leave me feeling more afraid than ever. I am concerned for the safety of women everywhere, and that more attacks will happen.

I am concerned for our religious freedom. In saying that, I am concerned for our understanding of religions other than Christianity. Our nation was built off of people trying to escape religious persecution and yet here we are doing the same thing to other people. How is that a nation of equality?

I am concerned for our freedom of speech, and as an English major with a love for blogging and journalism the freedom of our press. You have made attacks on newspapers and most recently Meryl Streep for stating a fact that holds true in my heart. The most heart wrenching performance this year, was done by you. You mocking that reporter tore my heart, and any hope of you being a successful leader apart. She was not attacking you, but saying something that she felt was important. And I will stand by her for that.

Mr. Trump, I am very concerned for our nation. Both for safety and for what we stand for. But as I stated earlier, I do not want to see you fail. You are the leader of our nation, whether I like it or not. Wishing to see you fail is asking for America to fail; in no way do I want that to happen. And as hard as it is for me to do, I will be praying for you.

Praying for your guidance to make the right choices to lead our nation. Choices that will not hurt us, but help us grow. Praying for you to go into meetings with an open mind, and a calm heart. Praying that your heart may change as you see the things that us average people are dealing with, and that you may hear our concern.

Lastly, I am concerned for you. I am concerned for your health, and for your stability as we enter a new presidential term. In some ways you have acted like a child throwing a fit. That isn't what I want America to be seen as. The child who cries every time they don't get what they want.

While I do not wish you a second term, I wish you a good term. I wish that you would lead not only for your own interests, but the interests of the nation.

A College Aged Girl Concerned For Her Country