TurningPoint USA is a non-profit organization founded on June 5, 2012 by Charlie Kirk. The organization's mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government. This organization has spread to many college campuses across the country and continues to grow. Although, some people are not fond of the organization and how they present themselves. Some people who disagree with Turning Points views have said things along the lines of the group publishing right wing bias news, only favorites conservatives and can be questionable all together. But no matter what side you may be on, it is up to you to formulate an opinion and make an educated decision. Here a are some quotes from people who both support it and don't.

1. Joshua Aminov- President At The Rider University TPUSA Chapter.

Joshua has been a member of TPUSA for a few years and even became the cofounder of his colleges chapter. He is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about political topics.

"I believe in Turning Point USA and its mission to promote individual Liberty on college campuses and high schools throughout the country. I believe it is beneficial because of my first hand experience watching students becoming exposed to principles of freedom that they never heard from the teachers in their classrooms."

2. June White- Student At The Rider University TPUSA Chapter.

June will be the 2019-2020 vice president for her TPUSA chapter. She is a dedicated member of helping the club grow and to reach other students.

"I believe Turning Point USA is beneficial to college and university campuses as well as high schools because it provides a place for students from anywhere on the political spectrum to promote fiscal responsibility and free speech while also leaving a platform open for thought-provoking discussion on any issues without labels, such as republican or democrat, getting in the way."

3. Anonymous Student From New Jersey.

This person wished to stay anonymous when answering questions about Turning Point and how this person felt about the organization's image. Like the other two people, this person is also a college student.

'' TPUSA is interesting. I like how they promote discussions and debates on important topics of society. Most people involved at my campus chapter are really cool and for the most part inclusive. What I do not like is the negative image TPUSA has at my university and as a whole. Through my own research, I've found that many people think they are very far or extreme far right. Not that is necessarily a bad thing, but the way some members in the organization portray themselves and TPUSA as a whole is extremely bad. Also, if you do not believe in the same ideas or are very far on the political spectrum in the opposite direction, it can be hard to interact with these people much unless it's for a civil debate."

TPUSA has been around for almost a decade. It has received backlash and hate for their view points, but that does not stop the club members from enjoying a group who all believe in the same ideas. In this type of situation, the best way to formulate your own opinions about TPUSA is to check into it and learn. It definitely is not for everyone, but it can hurt to learn.