Frisbee Lessons That Are Also Life Lessons
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Frisbee Lessons That Are Also Life Lessons

Wait for the dump.

Frisbee Lessons That Are Also Life Lessons
Greta Smith

I’m pretty convinced that frisbee is the best team sport ever. It’s got everything; offensive and defensive strategy, fast paced play, epic athleticism, amazing plays and big upsets. I’ve learned a lot from playing frisbee, both about the game and about life. Leading a team has challenged me to get creative in a lot of ways, especially in the ways I try to teach and communicate to my team. I’ve definitely made up half time talks from Grumpy Cat memes. Anyway, frisbee is complicated and is full of little nuances that also apply to everyday life. Sports metaphors are common and often cliche. But that’s because they work and they’re relatable . So here ya go. If you’re proud to call yourself an ultimate player think about what you’ve learned from the game.

Don’t wait until you’re high in the stall count to look for a dump

Throwing backwards seems counterintuitive, but any frisbee player with even minimal experience knows that dumps are a vital part of frisbee. Throwing it backwards often opens up a myriad of other throwing possibilities, and you don’t need to wait until stall 8 to do it. Sometimes you need to take a step back, when you’ve gotten too focused in on one thing to be able to see the big picture. Sometimes taking a step back looks like resting for a minute, or clearing out so someone else can cut or take care of the problem.

A good thrower can adjust to and overcome the wind, no matter what it’s doing

Throwing in the wind sucks, because normally easy throws become impossible and unpredictable. Throwing in the wind is a valuable but often not sought after skill. Being able to throw consistent throws in the wind is the mark of a truly good thrower. A good team will also recognize that the wind limits their offense and adjust. Just because you can’t do what you normally can doesn’t mean you can’t get the job done. Limitations are not the same as roadblocks, but frustration is. Accepting limitations and holding back from what you can’t do anymore isn’t lazy, it’s smart, and something we all have to do at some point, wind or not.

Don’t play when you’re emotional

When you play emotional, you play dumb. Your decision making is crazy out of whack when all you can think about it how mad or frustrated you are. So take a point. Calm down. Get your head together and curb the frustration or high emotion. And then go back out and play better.

Don’t kick yourself over a dropped pull

It happens. Shake it off and forget it. Don’t let it happen again.

Wait for the best option, not the quickest option

This goes back to not being afraid to dump it. When you get the disc usually your first look is always upfield but often taking the first option that appears, be it a long huck or a contested in cut, isn’t always the best. Good offenses flow and have continuation, but also learn to be extremely patient, and careful with the disc. Sometimes a swing or a dump will set someone else up for a far better throw than the one you have right in front of you. Patients in making a choice is usually called wisdom, and is almost always rewarded.

Don’t play it from off the line

Sometimes, you just gotta go for it, and keep the continuation throws going up the line. But usually, getting it off the line is a far better option, because you set yourself up for more likely success, rather than for likely failure. Doing things the hard way is not always the best or only way. Set yourself up for success, even if that means you swing it and someone else gets the assist or the point. Knowing when there’s a better option is obviously necessary for picking a better option. So see the swing.

Play on.

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