Friendship Goals As Told By Twenty One Pilots

Friendship Goals As Told By Twenty One Pilots

The dynamic, brother-like duo perfectly embodies best friendship goals.

You and your best friend do almost everything together. The know everything about you and you’re probably amazed that they’ve stuck around for as long as they have. But through thick and thin, your best friend is always gonna be there even if they aren’t physically right by your side. One of my favorite bands, Twenty One Pilots, features the dynamic brother-like duo of Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dunn. They’re relationship is awkward, hilarious and perfectly describes the best aspects of any best friend relationship.

You do crazy things together.

You may not be jumping off pianos, but you and your best friend go on adventures or dare each other to do weird and crazy stuff all the time.

You joke about being best friends.

If someone asks either of you if you’re best friends, you won’t automatically say yourself, but you just say you’d like to think it’s you.

You have a secret handshake.

Or at least when you see each other you say something or do something ritualistically.

You’re always weirdly in-sync.

Whether you are finishing each other’s sentences or sandwiches, or whether you are laughing in unison, you and your best friend just seem to have a special telepathic connection.

You spend a lot of time together and it’s noticeable.

When you catch yourselves laughing in unison, you usually make the comment of, “Wow, we spend too much time together, I’m turning into you.”

Your mistakes look planned.

Even if you fail at a high five, you look cool while doing it, and other people don’t think twice about whether you planned it or not.

You continually remind each other about your friendship.

People like closure. People like reminiscing. In both situations, you remind each other about how good of friends you are, even though you don’t need reminding.

You’re comfortable being goofy around each other.

There’s no judgment in best friendships. There may be snapchat videos, but you look back and laugh at the goofy things you and your best friend did.

You sometimes get too comfortable with each other.

Okay maybe not this comfortable, but I think you catch the drift.

You introduce each other instead of yourselves.

You’re at a party and meet someone new, and instead of introducing yourself, you introduce your right-hand-man or woman, and they introduce you in turn.

You’re there to pick the other up when they are down.

It might just be their presence, or it might be a gift they bring, but your best friend is always the first to know when something is going on and they’re the first one on the scene.

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