Having a bad day? Watch Friends. Need a laugh? Watch Friends. Watched everything on Netflix? Watch Friends. My sister, dad, boyfriend, and I can probably quote every episode of Friends thanks to my mom. My mom watches Friends so frequently that she laughs when she’s not even in the same room as the TV. I’m not sure if she would agree with me, but these are my top eleven episodes of Friends.

1. S1: E7 “The One with the Blackout”

After this episode, Chandler may have become one of my favorite characters. While stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre, Chandler makes a complete fool out of himself. Attempting to blow a bubble results in accidentally spitting his gum out which then results in him picking up some piece of gum stuck to the wall which results in him choking. The only funnier part of this episode is Chandler and Joey’s secret language. Every best friend duo needs a secret language. I hate to admit it, but even my best friend and I have a way of communicating that no one else understands.

2. S2: E14 “The One with the Prom Video”

Seeing the gang in their high school days is always sure to make me laugh; however, that is not why this episode is one of my favorites. After the prom video, Rachel forgives Ross and kisses him, rekindling their relationship. Phoebe then says, “See, he’s her lobster.” This was a play on the ultimate love story of Ross and Rachel -- these two were destined to be together.

3. S3: E2 “The One Where No One’s Ready”

Even best friend duos have their fights. In this episode, Chandler steals Joey’s underwear. I think it’s safe to say that most best friend duos won’t take each other's underwear, but some might steal the other’s clothes. However, not everyone can be as creative as Joey and decide to steal and put on every item of clothing their friend owns… at the same time.

4. S4: E1 “The One with the Jellyfish”

I’ve never been stung by a jellyfish, and I hope to never be because I certainly do not want my friend to have to pee on me to reduce the pain. Unlike Joey, Monica, and Chandler, I think I would have taken this memory to the grave with me.

5. S5: E1 “The One After Ross Says Rachel”

Getting married should be the happiest day of a person’s life, right? Wrong. This was not the case for Ross…ever. The first marriage catastrophe that Ross had probably wasn’t his fault; however, the second most definitely was. Saying, “I Ross, take thee Rachel…” instead of Emily would have made me, if I were Emily, one unhappy bride. However, we all know that Ross and Rachel were meant to be.

6. S5: E8 “ The One with All the Thanksgivings”

Like Monica, I’m a control freak. Like Monica, I too would have freaked out if my friend had my Thanksgiving turkey on his head. Like millions of fans, I cry with laughter every time I see this episode. It makes me wish one of my family members would try to reenact it. Mom, do you think you could put a turkey on your head next Thanksgiving?

7. S5: E11 “The One with All the Resolutions”

Note to self, “NEVER wear leather pants.” Ross finds this out the hard way in this episode. While in the bathroom of his date’s apartment, Ross is desperate for advice on how to get his pants up. Ross decides to call Joey of all people. Being the “genius” Joey is, he suggests using powder and lotion. Keep in mind, powder mixed with lotion will form a paste making the situation so much worse. Avoiding leather pants in the first place would have made this situation so much easier.

8. S5: E16 "The One with the Cop"

Throughout all ten season of Friends, teamwork is present. However, many times, teamwork goes south. In this episode, the funniest lines are “Pivot, pivot, pivot” said by Ross, and “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!” said by Chandler. Although Ross was trying teamwork by telling the gang how to move the couch, it turned south when he became extremely annoying.

9. S7: E10 “ The One with the Holiday Armadillo”

Who needs Santa Clause when you can have the Holiday Armadillo? Pretty sure if all the Santa costumes were sold out, I would have tried to get a costume that was somewhat related to Christmas. Ross, however, decided an armadillo costume would be the best option to impress his son for Christmas. I guess, every family has their own traditions.

10. S9: E 7 “The One with Ross’s Inappropriate Song”

We’ve probably all jammed out to “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A Lot once or twice in our lives; however, we probably didn’t jam out to this song when we were babies. However, there’s a strong possibility I did since my mom is such a Friends fanatic. Anyway, in the future, I’ll be sure to keep in mind that, like Rachel and Ross did, singing this song could possibly make my child laugh.

11. S10: E3 "The One with Ross's Tan"

Spray tans never end well. Go ahead, ask my best friend. She got one prior to graduation, and she looked just about as bad as Ross does in this episode. However, I don’t think anyone who has as high of a degree as Ross could get so confused in a tanning booth and get spray tanned not once but four times on the front side!

I’ve watched every episode of Friends more times than I can count, but never in my lifetime will I surpass the amount of times my mom has watched the show. Unlike other shows, I will never get tired of re-watching friends. After all, when I’m having a bad day or need a laugh, I know Friends will always be there for me.