Should I move in with my friends? Friends great companions!
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Living With Friends

Friends are great companions.

Living With Friends
Khalea Armstrong

As a freshman in college, I stayed in the dorms for a whole year. I lived at the University of San Francisco Fromm Hall - this is the only all girls dorm hall.

I shared my dorm with two other girls from the Los Angeles Area. Personally, the dorm life was not for me. There was a mess occasionally in our dorm and most of the time it was not mine since I am a bit of a clean freak. At times the shower and restroom stalls were a mess, meaning blood and tampons and other unnecessary items or liquids.

Reminder: the only people able to use these stalls were female. My roommates were delightful people but since there was three of us in one small dorm, it felt overwhelming and crowded most of the time. I made other friends since day one of college and more throughout the year. Most of them did not live in the same dorm hall as me. They lived on the other side of campus.

There were times where I had to walk back and forth just to hang out with them which made it a hassle.

Our household bonds like this too

A good thing is, I just started a new year as a sophomore and I moved out of the dorms. I'm renting and living with some of my best friends. I rarely go out now and because the people I hang out with I literally live with. I also don't have the time to be going out as much as freshman year. So far in our journey, we have established some boundaries between ourselves as housemate but nothing too serious. I have my own room and personal space so everything is running smoothly. I feel very blessed and relieved that I live with three other friends. We are also very understanding of different study habits and other necessities in our household. Every other night we have movie nights, date nights or even special occasion nights as well. We basically work together to do things in and out of our household which is very uniting.

Most people have mentioned to never live with your friends because it won't end well. Luckily all four of us have no problem with dealing with each other thus far.

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