All My Friends Are Extremely Interesting Women

All My Friends Are Extremely Interesting Women

So here's to all the interesting, beautiful, quirky women, because you are recognized whether you see it or not.

Shelby Packard

The more men I meet, the more impressed I am with the women I meet. How rare it is to come across individuals who have the ability to listen to their heart and follow every intuition within them, even more rare to notice that ability in others. I personally would never make it as far as I have without the wonderful women I have come across. So, let me just take a minute to give them the admiration they deserve because too many times I have had conversations with all of them about the lack of admiration from the guys they talk to.

I would not have learned as much without each woman entering my life. I have had the pleasure to get to know so many intelligent and bright ladies that deserve to shine as bright as they want, not dim in discouragement because they never got the call back. Let me tell you about all these extremely amazing women. Even after being cheated on, dragged back and forth between feelings, and even watching him take someone else home they still smile and laugh and give killer advice about what the next girl deserves.

They all work full time jobs and then make honor roll grades while still having time at night for wine and pizza. Boys, you are really missing out. Not only do all of my friends have the ability to be super models, but countless times, I have had intelligent conversations with each one from the universe to politics, from feelings to incredibly, dorky jokes, the list of topics goes on and on. I guess I just wanted to use this opportunity to say how proud and lucky I am to have come across so many girls who any guy would be lucky to spend the day with, but they best part is none of them need that guy to spend the day with. They all have their shit together. Okay, as much as you possibly can at 21, their laundry is always piled up and the amount of water bottles in their cars is astounding but, you get the idea. Ambition comes before tying down with them, and that is something all in itself to prove how amazing each girl is, and if you’re lucky enough to come across a girl that has an agenda rather than just all free time to fill up spending time with you, then count yourself truly lucky.

All of the women I have met are incredibly wonderful women. Fearless and ambitious, with the ability to love and encourage the next girl. I have counted my blessings a million times over to have encountered women that empower me as much as they do. Any man that gets one of them should consider themselves the luckiest in the world for finding such a rare gem. They say you tend to be like the people you hang around, and I hope that is true because then that would give me a radiance of confidence with the desire to accomplish goals while helping others along the way. If you happen to come across a girl whose amazing beauty follows all the way through, I hope you recognize it, they deserve it.

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